Why Your Marketplace Needs A Blog

Have you ever thought about starting a blog for your marketplace? Let’s face it, you are already two steps behind! The power of blogging has great potential for your marketplace in search engines but also with potential clients. We are here to share with you why your marketplace needs a blog. Let’s find out.

Improves SEO

How else will people find out about your marketplace? Create fresh and relevant content that will help put you ahead in the search engine results page. A blog is the perfect way to stay up to date with what’s going on in your industry for the company and its viewers. Be apart of the buzz of a new product release or the latest fashion trends (if it is apart of your niche market of course). Optimize each of your pages to increase your chances of being ranked ahead of your competitors to get them to visit your web page. The more eyes that land on it, the higher your chances will become. A quick tip for your blog writing is to ensure you are using keywords throughout your whole article (headline, body, image names, and copy). This will help optimize your page for search engines.

Social Media Traffic To Your Site

Let’s be honest now, if you don’t know what Facebook or Twitter is then you must be living under a rock. Social media has become this craze that even our grandparents are using. From staying connected with family across the world to staying up-to-date with current events. So how can it benefit your marketplace? With millions of users on the various social media platforms, use it to your advantage. Create business accounts on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. If your marketplace is more visual, then sign-up for Pinterest and Instagram.

These platforms will act as an extension of your website as more than likely someone isn’t simply going to google your website. The chances are much greater if they see your presence on social media and see other friends checking out your marketplace as well. The ability to see what other people have liked, sharing, and commented is powerful for businesses. You may want to look into influencer marketing as well as it can have a huge impact on your marketplace.

Establishes Thought Leadership

Once you have some basic SEO tactics in place and people are visiting your site, how will you keep them on there? Your blog content needs to be compelling to your viewers enough for them to keep reading on. Are you offering industry advice or solving the issues they may be experiencing? It’s important to have an understanding of your marketing strategy and ensure everyone is on the same page. What content are you publishing across your social media channels and are you setting yourself apart from your industry?

A great place to start is by building trust with those in your industry to help bring your marketplace to the next level. Whether that is sharing each other’s posts or even simple engagement on social media. Sharing the voice of industry leaders will help educate your audience and they won’t be tired of just hearing from you. Be open to share posts from the leaders to show you are keeping up to date with what is going on. After you have established a relationship, invite those industry leaders to write a guest posts, be on a webinar, or even a podcast. The cross promotion would be huge for your marketplace. It’s important to keep in mind, leadership won’t happen overnight but with the help of your team members it can be a very powerful thing.

Generates Quality Sales Leads

Quality leads will come from having quality followers and viewers (with a great product/service of course). Your thought leadership will play a huge part on the success of your leads. Whether you believe it or not, decisions are helped made by the quality of your content. This can be the make or break factor when users are comparing between different platforms. Who has more credibility and a better understanding of the industry space? We all of course prefer to go with the one who will offer better quality so ensure that is your marketplace.

Have you generated free ebooks or white paper downloads? This is a great way to generate leads as visitors will simply exchange their contact information for a free download. It’s a win-win situation! Another great way is to insert calls-to-action on the end of each blog and also throughout each web page. Keep it to 2-3 maximum as if you insert too many, you will come off as too spammy.

As you build your content strategy and generate a blog, keep in mind the saying “quality over quantity”. Don’t just push out blogs because you need to but rather concentrate on what is being told within your writing. Add value and even reference personal experiences. Connecting with your audience on an emotional level has a much greater impact.

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