Why Working Remotely Is A Positive Thing

Have you looked into switching things up and having your teamwork remotely? It may not be as bad as you think as freedom comes with responsibility. With a well oiled team, working remotely is very possible and can greatly benefit your company. According to the New York Times, last year 43% of Americans work spend time working remotely. It may be one day a week or full time, but regardless that number has seen a steady increase over the years. Our team here at Marketplace Platform works remote full-time and has seen great results. Employees have a great work-life balance and understand their responsibilities.

If you have yet to let workers work remotely, even if it’s one day a week you may change your mind after reading this article. Let’s take a look at 6 of the top reasons why working remotely isn’t such a negative thing.

1. Opportunity To Travel.

As a college graduate within the last few years, one of the biggest things I looked for in a job was PTO and vacation time. Many of the traditional businesses offer a limited amount per year and are restricted when you can take time off. Working remotely, can allow your employees to travel and experience the greater things in life while balancing their workload. They may be splitting their work hours up throughout the day or working at night so they can explore during the day. Many people are unable to travel outside of the United States as they are restricted with their vacation time off, but remote workers can pretty much travel whenever. All they really need is a good internet connection and they are all set!

2. Schedule Flexibility.

We all have our own lives outside of work. Whether that is your kids, significant others, hobbies, family, or anything else that can be time consuming. The great thing about working remotely is the schedule flexibility you are allowed. With a traditional job, you have to be in the office, take your breaks, lunch, and leave the office at a set time. Working remotely allows you to change all that. If you have the responsibility to take your kids to school in the morning, you can do so without worrying about being late to your “job”. The beauty of it is you can rearrange your day for your life activities to enjoy life and not be stuck behind a desk form 8-5.

At Marketplace Platform, we are a fully remote team. We have employees located in San Francisco, St. Louis, and Poland just to name a few locations. Being in different time zones can be a difficult challenge but also works to our advantage as there is always someone who is online and working. Whether that someone is on our marketing team or engineers overseas.

3. There’s An Application For Everything.

The internet is our life line. With applications such as Slack, Zoom, and Trello it has allowed us to stay in constant connection with one another. For our team, we are always online communicating and updating what our team members are working on. For our weekly meetings and updates, we use Zoom video conferencing to help give a better face-to-face interaction feel. While we may be in different countries, we are still able to read the emotion from one another and get their live reactions.

Slack on the other hand has been great for sending files, messaging for updates, and simply chat with anybody in the company. With slackbots, it allows our sales team to get lead updates from Hubspot, engineers to get project updates from Jira, and our customer support from Atlassian. These simple integrations have made it possible for our team to work remotely.  It is as efficient if not more than if we were working in one office space.

4. Ability To Personalize Your Workspace.

The first thing people do when they get a new job is to fix their desk or workspace. Your typical startup space is one big room with desks in rows making your workspace feel cluttered. With very little space to the person next to you and in some cases even sharing one big desk. Their pictures or desk decorations may be in “your space” and make it difficult for you to make yourself comfortable.

You may also be one of those people who like to switch up their work environments as well. Some days you can work at home, a library, or your local coffee shop. The beauty of working remotely is you have the option to choose what fits you best. Personally I like to switch it up and do half a day at home then spend the rest of my afternoon at a coffee shop. Being in different environments can help get your brain thinking in different ways, especially if you start to experience writer’s block.

5. Less Distractions.

We all have that coworker that likes to chat more than work or the one that chews their snacks louder than needed. It can get quite distracting with your coworkers on sales calls, phones ringing, teams meeting, and people just walking around. All these little distractions can take a toll throughout your workday and put you behind schedule. The beauty of working remotely, you can tune all of that out. You are in control of what you surround yourself in. If you know you work better in complete silence, working at home is probably your best bet. If you live off the energy from others, a local coffee shop may not be a bad choice or even a co-working space.

6. Save On Transportation And More Importantly MONEY.

Which ever city you live in, you understand their are “commute hours” in which traffic volume is highest. Here in the San Francisco, we experience a great deal of traffic and it can takes a toll on your day. According to a Robert Half study, the average round-trip commute time in San Francisco is 59.20 minutes ranking the second worst commute in the U.S. That is not including the rest of the Bay Area that borders San Francisco. To put in better perspective, San Francisco covers an area of 47.355 square miles only. That is quite a long commute for such a small area of land.

Prior to our office working remotely, I would travel into San Francisco everyday and lived only about 30 miles outside of the city. My average commute round-trip was about 3 hours a day. Adding that onto a 8 hour work day really takes a toll. On top of that, the cost to commute on public transportation is expensive as well. Spending an average of $15/day just go get to and from work can add up. Working remotely has cut those costs and given me those 3 hours back. I know I am not the only one who had to experience those type of commute times and cost.

Working remotely can help put the positive step back into the life of your employees. No more dreading your commute, working specific hours, and having to deal with coworkers you may not necessarily get along with. Give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere and you will see a rise in happiness from your team. While there will be some that are not happy with the decision, it’s an important balance you must handle. Scheduling a few times a year doesn’t hurt to meet with your team members in person to bring everyone together.      


Do you have any stories from your team about working remotely? We’d love to hear your take on how your team handles the daily grind. Give us a shout on social media!

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