Why Should You Trust Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces?

Why do we get into random stranger’s cars or sleep in a stranger’s home? While that may sound odd but in reality we do without realizing it. With marketplaces such as AirBnb, Lyft, and Uber we regularly enter into someone else’s property. As peer-to-peer marketplaces continue to popularize, why should we trust them? 

Good Ol’ Days

Do you remember the days when we would walk down to the corner store, call you by your first name, and even remember what you were going to buy? Sure that may still happen but in major cities that rarely exists. How about your local doctor or veterinarian? All that has gone out the window with cities becoming more populated and new buildings being built left and right. Sure one can say growth is a positive thing for your city but with that comes the loss of the “community” aspect.

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Trust In People

Do you even know the names of your neighbors? To be honest, I maybe only know a few but that’s the issue that has risen. We have evolved into minding our own business and fail to keep the community connected. This is even worse in big cities such as San Francisco and New York as everyone just seems to be in a rush.

With populations growing, so does greed and crime. People start to see others success and while others want it. Jealousy comes into play and unfortunately get robbed for things we have worked hard for. Social media has helped raised awareness of these issues as press released the latest burglary or robbery stories. While this is helps people become more aware, it also puts people at ease. Knowing robberies happen in their neighborhood or even on their street makes people think twice about who they trust. What “trust” used to be there goes out the window and only stays within your immediate circle.

Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces

If people are heading in this direction, why should you trust peer-to-peer marketplaces? Many still have not grasped the concept of “sharing” but in reality it helps restore the feeling of a community. Let’s take your vacation plans to a new country for example. How do you know where to go, eat, or stay? You do one of the two things: ask your close friends and family or google search. With a peer-to-peer marketplace, the community is able to provide exactly what you need.

Take AirBnb as people rent their own homes, apartments, or even single rooms for people to use while on vacation. Sharing your place with a complete random stranger? Sounds a bit dangerous don’t you think? While it is a stranger, there are requirements that must be met. Users and hosts create a profile that is based on reviews to know whether or not they are suitable. The lower the rating, the lower your chances are that someone will accept you. In this platform, YOU earn the trust of the community by respecting their property and following the rules. Sounds simple doesn’t it? You’ll be surprised how many break the rules and hurt their own ratings.

With a community based rating system, everyone’s reputation is on the line. From the host to user, it can make all the difference. In certain peer-to-peer marketplaces, you can be a verified account or be vouched for when it comes down to it.

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Biggest Takeaway?

Earn and keep the trust of your community. As a peer-to-peer marketplace is essentially a village-like community, you burn one bridge you burn them all. Once that happens to your profile online, it will be very difficult to regain that trust.

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