Why Content Marketing Is Important For Your Marketplace Platform

The term “content marketing” has been around since the late 19th century but was taken to the next level with the digital boom. Google really changed the game for everyone as their search engine has made it so simple to find answers. A simple search and thousands of results will appear. Brands are joining in and looking to capitalize by implementing a content marketing strategy: using social media, blogging, ebooks, and many other tactics. According to Curata, 74% of companies indicate marketing is increasing their marketing teams’ lead quality and quantity.

So, what does that mean? Your marketplace needs to get onboard and do so quickly before your competitors run you out of business. Let’s take a look at 4 ways that content marketing can increase and help your platform.

1. Increases SEO rankings.

When in doubt, “Google the answer”. Information is easier than ever to access and with a simple Google search you will get thousands of results in seconds. The beauty of this is, your marketplace can be visited by hundreds or even thousands of people a day if optimized properly. Take a sports marketplace for example. If you rent out football gear and you have an SEO strategy that helps own keywords that your average user would search when looking “football gear for rent” or “rent football gear for cheap”, it can help drive traffic up.

According to an article on Mr. SEO, the first page means you are in the top 10: being #1 gets an average of 32.5% of the traffic, #2 is just 17.6%, and #3 is 11.4%. As you can see the statistics continue to drop and once you get to the second page there’s not much of a statistic to share. Work on optimizing your site, blog, and any other content you have to own keywords around your industry. If you are a sports platform, don’t start talking about cryptocurrencies just because it is popular. Own your space and look to keep yourself on the first page with multiple keywords.

2. Increases Credibility With Visitors.

As mentioned above when you are looking for information, our first instinct how come to “Google it”. Whether you are looking for a new dinner recipe or research on a potential new car. While these type of articles are more educational, they can be the soft sell your marketplace needs. Let’s face it, unless you are a big brand name such as Apple people will not instantly think of you when it comes to their needs. This is why your content marketing strategy plays a big role.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the one looking for a new car. You first type in the make and model of the car you are looking to purchase. Thousands of results pop up but more than likely you will not go passed the second page. You may get results from big name dealerships or just car bloggers leaving reviews about the vehicle. The important thing is you are finding the information you need to help make your purchasing decision. If your marketplace is able to provide what your target audience is looking for, they are more likely to make a purchase with you. According to Content Marketing Institute, “81% of respondents conduct research before they bring vendor into discuss a project”. Consumers are getting smarter and your marketplace should as well.

3. Increases Brand Awareness.

Knowing who you are and what you do can help any business. With a strong content marketing strategy, your marketplace can help put itself on the map even without spending thousands of dollars in a paid advertising. With the likes of blogs, social media, and videos it can be a great base for your content marketing strategy. While you will be saving money not spending on ads, you will need a team to be behind the scenes to work on building your brand and networking.

Get your team to be active on social media, forums, and anything that can connect with potential customers online. Don’t start pitching your brand but rather establish a connection that will lead them to making the decision on their own. Take Quora for example. Users are asking questions and looking for answers. This is a great place to answer those questions and direct them to your marketplace with relevant links and answers. This little yet subtle tactic can help direct traffic to your site and build brand awareness.

4. Increases Lead Generation.

While you are increasing SEO, working on credibility, and increasing brand awareness you are also helping with lead generation. At the end of the day your goal to gain new users and ultimately make a sale on your platform. All of the work you are doing for your content marketing strategy goes hand in hand. Each of the previous steps are helping your sales team close the deals and keep your platform in business.

Have you ever done business with someone you don’t trust? I know I like to know who I am dealing with and find out any other information I can before making a purchase. Typically industry leaders, experts, or any well-known companies in the space are best to deal with. Those who can stand behind their product and are knowledgeable. With your content marketing strategy you can check off those boxes and insert yourself as industry leaders for others to look up to. It may not happen right away, but with patience and persistence you can get there.

Offer ebooks, white papers, and any other materials that can help others educate themselves in your space. Share your knowledge with others in exchange for an email address to help guide them down the buyer’s journey. As a man once told me, “If you aren’t the one sharing the knowledge, someone else will.” 

Are you currently using content marketing for your marketplace? Have you been successful or run into bumps along the way? We’d love to hear how content marketing has been working out for you. Leave a comment below or send us a message on social media.

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