Which Marketplace Platform Should I Be Using?


Well, it starts with the P.P.P.O.A. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What Problem does your marketplace solve?
  • What Promise does your marketplace make to its customers?
  • What Proof do you have that you will consistently deliver on your promise?
  • What Offer(s) do you have that are emotionally compelling?
  • What Action(s) do you want your marketplace participants to take?


Once you have answered those questions, it doesn’t become a question of which technology, but “what value do I offer” and what is the potential market size that will be passionate about it.


But what you need to really ask yourself is what my P.P.P.O.A. is and determine the value and initial choice of a technology partner.


Price is secondary. Technology is secondary.  Return on Value is everything.


We’d love to chat more about what you are looking to build. If you have any questions regarding a marketplace platform, don’t hesitate to ask.