Top 6 Business Influencers To Follow

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family… and occasionally watch those viral videos. As fun and entertaining these platforms can be, they can also be a great resource to easily access current events and catch up on the latest business and tech trends.

The easiest way to get the most direct information is by following the sources themselves! Influencers are at the head of the game, tend to be the leaders in their industries, or have forged a new school of thought. In this post, we’ll introduce you to several major influencers from the business world so you can get started today.

Arianna Huffington

Any millennial can agree to the fact that at some point on their Facebook timeline a distracting/entertaining Huffington post video has shown up. Yes, Arianna Huffington is THAT Huffington. Once serving as president and editor-in-chief, she’s now holding the title of CEO at Thrive Global. Her work ethic has been mimicked by many young adults and her timeline is filled with tips to be the ideal CEO.

Her love for sleep has helped pave a new type of company culture that encourages naps with newly implemented nap rooms. Instead of foreboding the mid-day crash, she welcomes it and feeds it for a more productive shift. That’s some progressive thinking!

Ryan Holmes

If you haven’t heard of Ryan you’ve probably heard of his company Hootsuite. The social media management tool that helps thousands of business streamlining their content! The main goal of Hootsuite is to help clients build better relationships between brands and their customers. He’s the guy to follow for tips on teambuilding and work life balance. 

Content, management, and marketing tips can all be found on his timeline as well as keeping up with general trends in the current media. Holmes’ feed filled with all you need for getting your business out there.

Clara Shih

Learning to adapt is a necessary skill in today’s digital age. Clara Shih has a deeper insight on this topic has has a renowned book that touches on the dilemma for the modern day business owner. If your business has hit a wall in its growth, it may be a good idea to check her work out.

She’s is the founder and CEO of Hearsay Systems, an advisor for cloud solutions in all in tech from social media to compliance.

Gary Vaynerchuk

If you haven’t heard of Gary you may have been living under a rock as he has taken over LinkedIn. There’s not a conversation that goes by with my friends where this man’s name does not come up and it’s no surprise. His approach to work and life is aggressive and impactful. We live in a generation where everything has to be PC and polite but Vaynerchuk presents concepts in a refreshing way that captivates his audience.

What’s are his credentials? He is the founder and CEO of VaynerMedia and is a 4-time bestselling author. His Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds all offer great advice and funny comments. Vaynerchuk breaks all these social walls to get to the core to help a generation.

Jon Steinberg

With experience in Google, Buzzfeed and Dailymail, Steinberg is no stranger to news and understanding the power of it. He helped build the Buzzfeed business model when it was just a 15 person company and he is currently the CEO of Cheddar, a network that focuses on telling the news through the drivers of industry changes.

If you’re one that likes to be on the cusp of news it’s worth giving him a follow! You’ll be up to date on not just his projects but many in the same realm.

Guy Kawasaki

Got marketing needs? Look no further. Thirteen time bestselling author Guy Kawasaki is a marketing and social media guru. He’s been keynote speaker for companies like Apple and Nike and the achievements don’t stop there. His lighthearted voice and supportive nature makes him a great guy to follow on all platforms.

Keep up with tech, political, and world news just by looking at his timeline. This man is a huge figure in the industry, definitely must follow!

With the new year just starting, you can have a little revamp with these new influencers to follow, you won’t regret it! Are there any influencers you really love and would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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