Top 5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Building rapport on the internet is a necessity for networking and getting the name of your business out there. Understanding the right times to tweet things or how deep you should involve yourself in a political debate are delicate decisions to make. Social media has become a platform that spotlights your shortcomings and overlooks your successes. It’s sad but true. When a marketplace does incrementally well there’s not much press, unless you’ve really got something flying off the shelves. On the flip side a scandal like Postmates’ post presidential election debacle can scar your company forever and sometimes lead to its doom.

We see how social media can really affect a business and how quickly news spreads (we’re talking minutes). So how can we avoid making these mistakes? We’ve got a list of common mistakes marketplaces make and how to avoid them coming right up!

1. Being Inauthentic

Sometimes being comfortably tucked behind a screen can make you feel invincible. Although this is applicable in video games and to some poor victims of catfishing, it’s not what you want to do when presenting your business. Aligning your company’s values to what you put out is extremely important in branding your marketplace.

You may think that being authentic and aligning company values to content will come naturally but there should be a lot more thought that goes into it. Your team should check and evaluate the content being put out. The public can smell a rat when they see one! A great idea may sprout but it’s always wise to stay cautious. Bring in a focus group and see how they perceive your upcoming campaign. Did they understand the message you tried to get across? How effective was it? Did they take it in an unexpected way? These are all things you want to make sure.

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2. Show a Personality

This point is tied to the authenticity deal. If you’ve been hiding the personality and voice of your company, you could really be hurting yourself. Build a voice for your company. Start with your values and work from there. Your team decides how comedic, intellectual, or casual they want to be recognized for.

Sounding like Siri isn’t going to increase a connection with your user base. Think of your target market and what they connect with. If it’s really your market then you don’t have to look far. Your team should understand the mind of your customer but it’s safe to do a little outside research! Loosen up a little by throwing out a joke or a meme here and there to keep your timeline entertaining.

3. Being Too Political

We all have that friend on Facebook that likes to share their insightful thoughts. Don’t be that friend. There’s a reason why you don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. It really can turn a relationship sour. Although it’s great to be politically aware it’s also important to recognize that your following comes from a very diverse background so you’d want to refrain from any left or right leaning posts.

Especially in today’s political climate you want to be careful of what you say. Respect other’s opinions and carry on with that your goals are which is to build your marketplace. There are enough people out there sharing their thoughts and it’s best to keep quiet with the drama.

4. Follow 4 Follow

This “follow 4 follow” trend is a very popular tactic for aspiring influencers. They think that having high numbers will result in more popularity. I suppose this is true in some cases for certain platforms like Instagram but don’t waste your time doing this if you’re running a business!

While numbers are attractive, a marketplace takes time to grow. Having faceless accounts follow won’t mean anything for your bottom line. Take the time to find relative people to follow and try to make a genuine connection with them. Leaving a good impression on few is much more effective than mass following a bunch of international accounts, some who don’t even speak the same language as you.

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5. Being to Marketing Heavy

Companies and individuals follow accounts based on relevancy and content. If you are a budding marketplace you can use that to your advantage. Share your successes and failures or how you got to where you are, relevant things that the readers want to hear ya know?

Pushing out content is like composing a dance routine. Too much of one thing and not enough variety in your presentation will bore your audience. Mix things up with adding tutorials or creating short videos that teach while entertaining your audience. Constantly telling your followers to buy this item or try this program out will just spam their timelines. Posts should appeal and relate to your followers not bombard or pressure them to do something.

Social media is a rather new school of thought and is changing quickly. These few tips are what I think are timeless and can always be implemented in your social media strategy. Let us know what you think or if you have any tips of your own!

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