The Essential Social Media Platforms For Your Marketplace

The growth of social media isn’t slowing down and businesses in all industries have been using social media platforms for marketing, customer service, and much more. There are many platforms your company can use but finding out where your audience is can help keep you under budget.

First you have to understand where your ideal customer goes to get their digital fix. Information seekers find their content on a different platforms depending on if they want tutorials or news. Let’s get into the social media platforms you’ll most likely need for your marketplace.


LinkedIn the professional network that most businesses should have. The platform allows you to share professional content and see what other businesses are working on or building. With certain features you’re able to view other user’s talents and skills similar to yours which can be helpful when seeking talent for your marketplace.

The atmosphere of LinkedIn gives strangers the opportunity to freely network online more efficiently. You’re able to mingle with people and exchange tips and tricks. Activating a premium account shows more in depth information you may want to see when comparing competitors or similar industries as well.


The king of social networks is a definite must when figuring out your artillery of platforms. As of June 2017 Facebook has over 2 billion users with nearly 85% of that being active daily users you can’t afford to not market on this platform. The ages of Facebook users range from teens to seniors and finding the right methods to reach those groups is easier with Facebook ads you can sign up for. If you don’t have a Facebook page, chances are your competition does and can poach potential clients from you.

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140 characters is all you need to make a quick statement on Twitter. The perks of having a Twitter are having instant responses and broadening your following quickly. You can create connections with potential customers and similar companies to see what everyone is up to. Create campaigns with hashtags to keep all your goals organized. Finding information or insights can also be found through hashtags as well. The trending board displays what the general masses are interested so you can jump on board and create some relevant content!

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There you have it! If you’re starting a marketplace, we suggest you get started with these three platforms. Some others to dabble into could be Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Snapchat. Choosing these platforms really depends on the target market you’ve got. Good luck!