Rebranding Your Marketplace On Social Media

Your marketplace is basically its own person. There’s a personality, tone, humor, and aesthetic that’s unique. Going down the business journey it’s common to have a change of taste or voice and staying true to the values is important so rebranding may be on the horizon.

Rebranding is a big change for a marketplace, especially if you are present on social media. Your followers know you for being the account with a specific look and photos so you don’t want to catch them off guard with a switch up and potentially lose your hard-earned audience. It’s a semi-delicate process when it comes to rebranding and there are a few key steps to take in making sure you’re going about it correctly. We’ll go over key points and tips so you’re ready to go!

Release Teasers

If you’re going through an overhaul and planning to change a lot of the website, it’s a good idea to release a few scheduled posts about the shift a couple weeks before the new launch. A few times a week at different times of the day just to make sure you’ve maximized the exposure to as many consumers as possible. Utilizing your social platforms to answer any questions your audience may have will ease the transition.

This is a fun opportunity to use your creative juices and create something that you’ve probably been excited about for a while. Got an idea for a photo shoot or quick video? Go for it! Any rebranding should aim towards a more authentic business persona so be open and allow people to enjoy your creative expression.

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Update Profile

Remain consistent between all platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, or whatever your poison be sure to have a swift transition through all your accounts. Creating a new tagline can really help convey the new direction your marketplace is going in. Linking your accounts can make things easier when it comes to releasing content. Doing all of this shows that you are maintaining a professional demeanor towards your customer even though you’re probably going to have a mini-panic attack while all this is happening.

An example of impactful rebranding is none other than Taylor Swift. News of her latest album (I swear this isn’t a plug) was first dropped on her Instagram after months of no posts on her account at all. From sweet photos with friends to nothing to new, darker Taylor, fans were hooked and waiting for the release.

Expect Mixed Reviews

Not everyone is going to be a fan of this change. Remember when Instagram went from the old fashioned brown camera to it’s now vibrant gradient icon? There was an outrage on small news media but hey, we got used to it. An important note to take from this example is that in the long run it really didn’t matter that the icon was because it was the service and content we had access to that meant something. Same goes for your marketplace. Going through a rebranding doesn’t mean you’d be any less good.

Receiving mixed reviews is an opportunity to see what you’re doing well and what could be improved. At the end of the day if there are bug fixes that need to be taken care of, the negative comments worked out!

Third Party Pages

All that you have direct control over will be taken care of I’m sure of that. Remember to also look at the Google pages, Yelp, and any other third party websites your clients may be using. Updating those, and especially the Google search, is another way to make sure that you won’t be missing out on any new or returning customers.

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Redirect Links

Depending on the extent of your rebranding you may have to change your entire name and website domain. One way to not lose your client base is to post redirecting links on all of your landing pages. This way your potential customer can be lassoed right back to your new and improved website nice and neatly.

Rebranding is a huge change but an entrepreneur must follow their instincts and take risks to get a bigger break. It’s all about hitting all corners your marketplace has touched and paying attention to the details. If you have a rebranding story let us know, we’d love to hear about your experience!