Potential Artistic Ideas To Create A Marketplace Platform

When people think about working in tech, the first things that come to mind are business, computers, and engineers. What about the artistic aspect that we fail to recognize? The artistic like minded people are in need more than ever and located all around the world. How can you get your hands on some of the best artistic minded people? The answer is to create a marketplace but keeping in each of their own verticals. Check out these 4 industries we find would be very successful.

1. Photography

Photography has been around for ages but has not seen the popularity it does today. With social media platforms, images are being shared more than ever. Take Instagram for example. People post a photo and if viewed or liked by a very popular page, they may repost it to their page instantly getting thousands of likes. The exposure and reach potential is huge. The ideal marketplace would be for more creative minded individuals targeted at the millennial group. For all those up and coming photographers that maybe need some advice and tips, tutorials, and all things photography. While Adobe does have their creative cloud service, they are more targeted towards businesses. A more consumer based focus can help capitalize on the market that is lacking.

2. Web Design

Prior to working in tech, I never understood the importance of having an aesthetic looking and properly optimized web page. My only concern was if I could find what I was looking for and that I didn’t have to wait long for pages to load. If that was the case, then I would leave the page and find another website for my needs. Sounds easy yet tough to please customers doesn’t it? With the right web designers and experts, you can create the marketplace your target market is looking for. While designs will vary depending on your niche, it’s important that you hire someone who has experience in your field of work.

Creating a marketplace with web designers with a wide range of background experience can help consumers find exactly what they are looking for. With profiles customized to each individual and an auto match feature, it can help your average person who has zero design experience or even businesses who are looking to complete a project. Don’t waste time calling around to different companies and comparing prices. An all-in-one marketplace can save you time and money.   

3. Interior Design

Now, this can be a very fun marketplace to look and scroll around on. Designers posting pictures of their work of real life examples can entice people to hire them. Whether it’s home or office decoration, you would be able to find them all. Creating specific profiles with their experience, expertise, and their rates would make finding what you are looking for perfect. For those who do not have an eye for detail or troubled with their design choices, having go-to experts for advice would make the projects much more enjoyable. Pictures may not reveal their full projects as some may simply copy the designs, but paying a subscription fee can unlock all the features that your marketplace can provide.

You may be wondering now that you have hired interior designers, who will be doing the work? With each designer, it will be required they have partnered with a contractor to perform the work prior to signing up. This will help make things easier for the consumer as they can simply visit the marketplace, find which design they like, and book a time to have the work done. The all-in-one solution for all your interior design needs.

4. Architecture

Ever wonder who designed that new building in your city and thought how great or in some cases terrible it looked? Those are the architects of the world who have an eye for something most people do not. How do they know that their designs won’t age 2 years from now or even the following year? Plenty of hard work and knowledge is put into this field of work but where can I find one if I am building my own business or building my home from scratch?

Creating a marketplace for architecture can help solve those problems. No need to google search to compare and contrast who does the better work. With a community-based marketplace, customers and architects can create profiles leaving reviews for each other to help strengthen their ratings. What better way to look at different structures, designs, work quality, and book your architect to come to your front door?


Do any of these marketplace platforms already exist? We would love to hear what is out there and what success stories you may have! Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @MrktPlacePfm! Happy readings!

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