Our Marketplace Book Bundle

Entering the mysterious land of entrepreneurship and marketplaces is intimidating for most with such a steep learning curve. To ease your way into the world of strategizing and marketing we’ve put together a list of well-rounded books that will help you.

1. Platform Strategy
The rise in platform businesses like Uber and Airbnb have paved way for a new form of business. Platform Strategy discusses the effects of this disruptive technology and how, if you choose, you can be a part of this shift. Reillier and Reillier provide original case studies with mega companies, Google, Amazon, and Apple. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur in the digital world give this book a gander!

2. The Sharing Economy
When did the shift from lending your car to a friend or letting your niece stay in the guest bedroom for free turn into a multi-billion dollar industry that runs the tech world? Arun Sundararajan’s 200-page book gives you well-rounded glimpse into the world of “crowd-based capitalism”. The Sharing Economy gives you a run-down of the current atmosphere and where things may lead in the near future. All the basics to know can be found in this award winning book.

3. Growth Hacker Marketing
This new age of the digital world has changed every single facet connected to it. Marketing is no exception. Consumers no longer respond to the traditional ways of billboards and commercials, they look to the smaller screens of laptops and smartphones. Banners, word-of-mouth, viral videos are the new forms of exposure- and in Holiday’s best seller you can learn the hacks and secrets to leading a well marketed business. 

4. The Art of Social Media
If you’re looking to promote your marketplace, self, or product odds are that you already have an account on multiple social media platforms. The question is, are you optimizing the time and money being spent on the tools and campaigns you’re running?

Guy Kawasaki’s book has hundreds of tips and insights on how to run your social media accounts to achieve your goals. Inside you’ll find how to fix up your profile, attract more followers and integrate blogging (which is UBER useful). Great starter book for anyone aiming to gain traction in the digital world.

5. The 80/20 Principle
To further diversify the array of books we’ve chosen we present Richard Koch’s 80/20 Principle. In our work as well as other fields of business, we achieve our goals and make breakthroughs in 20 percent of our invested time. The other 80 percent is not to go unnoticed though. Koch’s book reveals the mechanics of this principle and shows how you can positively affect your workflow and results.

6. Predictably Irrational
Do you consider yourself and rational thinker and consumer? One of the theories of business is that consumers are rational human beings but this could be our ignorance. If you’ve ever bought the brand name detergent for a dollar more over it’s chemically identical twin, you may reconsider your answer.

Ariely’s book dives into the mind of the average consumer and brings light to topics that people don’t even notice. We are irrational beings but the predictable at the same time.

7. Content Rules
Content marketing is a major part of any marketplaces strategy. It validates the expertise you have in the industry and teaches your potential consumers about relevant topics or current events. Chapman’s book is a great start to understanding the ways of content marketing. Inside you’ll find out how to engage an audience and what kind of content attracts the people you want. You’ll develop your own voice and use social media to distribute your work.

These are our picks! From the umbrella that is the sharing economy to understanding consumers to how to be the most productive you can be, it’s all here. Best of luck to you.

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