Looking Ahead To The Top 5 Ecommerce Trends

Looking at the landscape of the digital world, it’s easy to see that the competition is fiercer than ever before. From newspaper ads to commercials to the slew of social media banners you scroll through the transformation of e-commerce is a never ending cycle of updates. So, what can we look forward to in the upcoming holiday season and the turn of the new year? We have some trends to look out for that can boost the exposure and success of your marketplace.

1. Mobile Is Essential

You know when you’re going about your day and you see a restaurant that has a unique type of cuisine and your curiosity is sparked? You most likely pulled out your smartphone and did a little research on the popular dishes or looked up the restaurant on Yelp. These little moments are increasing in occurrence, users are picking up their phones over 100 times a day. This tidbit is a good opportunity to leverage this into a profitable project.

The increase in mobile transactions should be an incentive to give your mobile site a little TLC. With many potential sales being made on smartphones, make sure your website is mobile friendly! Check the sizing of all your panels and adjust the photos if necessary. Creating a fluid checkout method is also something you’d want to add. Be sure to add quick links on all your social media platforms as well to further streamline all your efforts.

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2. Free & Fast Shipping

There’s a lot of hype about AR/VR products and experiences in the digital sphere but before you get that sale there’s something that can make you lose the deal. Shipping options have become a make or break point for many shoppers. I know I’ve had my fair share of shopping freely and and I’m ready to pay when I get jumped with a $10 shipping cost. Then it’s back to the graveyard cart for all my things!

A simple fix in your ecommerce marketplace is to decrease the cost and time of shipping. This doesn’t mean that you have to provide free next day shipping but some sort of middle ground can make a great change. People are much more likely to follow through with their order when shipping is free. The package can arrive in a week but the low shipping cost is a definite driver. If you look at examples like Amazon with free 2-day prime shipping, it promotes users to order whatever they want even if it’s one item at a time. Their order will arrive in 2-days and with the mass need of instant gratification. It’s no wonder why Amazon is leading the e-commerce game.

3. User Generated Content

An emerging and quickly popularizing marketing method is creating user generated content (UGC). Marketplaces and any business wants to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market and UGC is an effective way reach a specific target market and bring in new customers. The following that UGC creators have are typically very loyal and have a tendency to purchase the promoted products or services. This is because the content creators are in a relatable demographic and are knowledgeable in their interests.

Pairing up with a creator or influencer will take a little researching but it’s an awesome chance to work with someone who will represent your business in a great way. Find someone that has the same values and looks like your ideal customer. Once you find someone great, you can decide the level of involvement you want them to be in. You can send multiple PR packages to several relevant influencers or collaborate and create a product for your mutual following!

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4. Videos Still Rising

Learning is making the shift from slides and photos, to videos that can show more angles and reach stimulate multiple senses. A welcome video on your homepage can instantly grab the attention of your visitor and through the sound you can quickly hook them in with some wit or solving a common issue for them. Don’t skimp on production quality though. I’m not saying you need a fully stocked studio and professional lighting but get a decent camera and utilize natural lighting, sound is also important. You’re good to go!

Leveraging your product details is another way you can up the sales percentage. Quick videos with a 360 degree view of your product or the effects of your service can give that little extra push to bring something into the cart. Many online clothing retailers offer a “runway” video to show how the item looks, moves and fits to help a customer decide how right the piece is for them.

5. November Will be Shopping Mayhem

Black Friday has been a thing of the past for a few years now. Days before the fourth Friday of the month you’re already able to snag some great deals. Cyber Monday is also a mini-holidays that’s coming earlier each year. Being aware of these trends in the market will give you the option of joining the club or not.

Adjusting your holiday sales can help you get those sales in for such an intense season. If you’re planning to release your sales on Black Friday, you’re probably going to be too late and all of those potential sales will be sent to another business. Being strategic is important with a whirlwind of competitive prices. Don’t undervalue your products or services if you feel like it shouldn’t be included in the sales.

These are our foreseen trends coming up. I think they’re pretty easy changes if you do choose to implement them. Some honorable mentions are new tech solutions, multichannel shopping and smart content. Best of luck and happy November!

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