Living With A CEO’s Schedule

CEO’s are considered the most hard working and professional people basically, ever. The name comes with a certain stigma, that you’re a constantly working machine. We all have the same 24 hours but how do the top CEO’s make use of it? Buzzfeed recently released a new video called “We Tried CEO Morning & Night Routines” where three Buzzfeed employees spent a week doing the same tasks as people like Bill Gates and Ariana Huffington. The results were pleasantly surprising. Let’s go over the steps Kane, Ryann and Gadiel took, hopefully they give us a taste of the CEO life.

Do Light Chores Before Bed.

Tidying up before bed allows you to wake up with a clean place which in turn keeps your mind cleansed from your slumber. Taking out the trash and wiping down the counters can will help you wind down as the night comes to an end while you’re doing something productive. Bill Gates is just like the rest of us and takes the trash out himself!

Take A Relaxing Bath.

Going along with the theme of winding down, take some time for yourself and relax. I’m talking about the whole scented candles, bubbles, maybe a glass of wine. The goal of all this personal time at the end of the night is to ease your mind before the hectic morning. While you’re taking a bath, write down the three main goals (Kenneth Chenault, American Express CEO) you want to achieve the next day so you know where to get started. If you want to read a book, pick something more poetic or philosophical instead of politics and news.

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Wake Up At 4AM.

Yes 4AM. While many of us are in the middle of our REM cycles, Indra Nooyi (Pepsi CEO) and Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO) get their morning started a the crack of dawn. When you get the sleep out of your eyes, it’s time to reply to tackle all your emails with a real breakfast. If you are one to workout, get an hour’s worth before you get into the office. Your entire day depends on how you start it and with this strategy you’ll feel like half your work is done before you even have lunch!

  • Side tip: Study shows that getting a consistent amount of sleep produces more energy and productivity

Wear The Same Outfit.

Deciding what to wear for the day takes more time than you’d think so removing that early morning task frees up headspace for more important things for the day. Pick something comfortable and simple. One of Steve Jobs’ most recognizable characteristics is his classic black turtleneck with jeans and thin glasses. An outfit that you feel confident in breeds productivity!

Also designate workout and sleepwear, this further reduces the amount of decisions of your day so you can tackle bigger choices.

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Shifting Habits.

Changing habits are incremental ways of bettering your lifestyle. Some tips are to charge your phone in a different room so you have to actually get out of bed to turn off your alarm or go through your emails. Speaking of phones, consciously try to reduce your phone use throughout the day and you find yourself getting more work done.

On mental side of things, try to plan out your day every morning and grab breakfast with your family or loved ones while you’re at it. If the President can squeeze in family time first thing in the morning, so can you. Take the time to write down what you’re thankful for everyday, these can be as small as grabbing lunch with a friend that afternoon or more general like your health. Reminding yourself about the positive things in your life set you up to be in a better mood.

As most of these are practiced among many CEO’s, everyone’s lifestyle is different so it’s up to you to find what works best for your lifestyle. The video showed all three men struggling in the beginning and questioning some of the practices, as the week progressed they slowly understood why each step was so important. Getting work done and having personal time are just as important as each other. Results? CEO’s morning and nighttime routine got the Buzzfeed stamp of approval! Gadiel and Kane voiced that they would be continuing most of these skills. I’m curious if it’ll work for me.. I’ll let you guys know! If you have any special routine rituals let me know in the comments below!

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