How To Supercharge Your E-Commerce Sales

There’s an expression in marketing, that every single day, you are either gaining market share or losing it. What are you doing to be on the positive side of that equation? The fact is, doing the same thing will likely produce similar results. If you are happy with those results, fine. If, however, you are seeking to increase traffic, prospects, and ultimately sales, you’ll want to do something more. It may even be out of your comfort zone. Here are steps you can take to supercharge your e-commerce sales.

Use Content Marketing.

Content marketing is providing valuable information to prospective customers in the hopes to build a relationship and sales. Content can be provided via blogs, emails, e-books, news articles, tips and tricks, and more. Many, however, don’t recognize the powerful, multi-layered benefits of content marketing. These include:

  • SEO. Search engines love valuable, timely content. It also provides an opportunity to make use of keywords and phrases to improve your organic rankings for those keywords.
  • Targets Prospects. Content marketing allows you to target like-minded people who are likely interested in your product or services. If you sell an all-natural supplement, for example, providing content that appeals to those who exercise or are in search of health and wellness tips will get you in front of the right prospects.
  • Positions You as an Expert. When you provide content you are positioning yourself as a teacher and resource in your market segment. When a prospect needs answers or is ready to make a purchase, the expertise shown in your content can place you above the competition.
  • Builds Trust. Providing honest, useful, and valuable content builds trust with your audience. This is a critical commodity with today’s online consumers.

Make A Commitment To Your Social Media.

Expand your reach and frequency by adding new platforms and by keeping content up-to-date more often. Updates don’t have to be lengthy or time-consuming. A photo of a new product, a poll-question or a seasonal tip can keep fans interested and invested. Be careful not to always be “selling” with your social media. Every once in a while it can be helpful to offer a “fans only” benefit or special. If your organization is involved in good works, share those efforts with a sense of humility.

Make Use Of More Video.

The more comfortable a potential customer feels about your and your products or services, the more likely they are to convert into one. Video can be used to show a product from all angles, demonstrate how it works, show the results of using it or in showing new or additional uses for it. Videos don’t have to be Hollywood quality and two to three-minute videos will work fine. Provide your series of videos online or through a YouTube channel. Whether it’s showing the difference between a low quality and higher grade diamond or demonstrating how to strip a piece of old furniture, a video is a good way to expand your content marketing efforts.

Create A Promotion.

Promotions can serve to energize your current customers and engage prospects into taking action. They can range from a gift certificate “enter to win” giveaway contest to expand your email list or to generate referrals. You can also offer an incentive to fill out a survey, answer a poll question or to sign up for your newsletter. Social media is a great place to promote your contest, giveaway, and referral programs.

Explore And Track Pay-Per-Click And Banner Ad Options.

One of the significant benefits of e-commerce is the ability to market through e-mail and social media without much expense. However, if you are not satisfied with the results, or your sales are stale, it may be time to step up to some paid marketing options. Sure, you want to take advantage of all of the low or no-cost marketing options available but you’ll also want to take a swing for the fences once in a while. It is important you track the results of each of these paid campaigns to get the best ROI.

When it comes to marketing, few companies are doing everything right. While it is important to recognize your strengths, it’s beneficial to know where your marketing efforts need bolstering. After all, at least for today, you want to be the one to gain in market share.

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