How To Save Valuable Time With Your Social Media Strategy

Social media has become a big part of marketing strategies and if properly executed, could be your leading source for lead generation. While some say it’s there’s too much going on, others use it as a main source. With a target and organized social media strategy you can save valuable time for other tasks you may have on your plate. Let’s take a look at these simple ways to help with your strategy.

Have A Strategy.

This is one of the biggest mistakes marketplaces make. If you don’t know where you are headed how will you get there? Having a strategy in place is a must for anyone looking to make a splash in social media and gaining any sort of traction. What are some goals you are looking to accomplish within the next month, year, or long-term? Have a vision of what type of success you want to build with your objectives and strategy.

Some like to use social media as a support channel, some use it to rely industry news, while others like to us to establish a community. Whatever the case maybe, it’s important you stay consistent with your strategy. Set aside time everyday to interact with your audience and even get some feedback. Do people like what you are sharing, are you posting too much or not enough? As you look for ways to fine-tune your strategy, it will save you plenty of time down the road. No more scrambling what to post tomorrow or the next day. Stay ahead with your strategy and you’ll thank me later for it.

Set Aside For Creation.

Any content marketing understands just how time consuming this part of the job can be. Whether you are sharing quotes, creating new graphics, or a combination of both, it takes time. Don’t rush the day before trying to create something new for your social channels. Set aside time in your calendar strictly for content creation. Start with 1 hour a day to get in the habit of doing so. You will get the tendency to just want to set it aside for the next day but establish the habit early and it can help take your content to the next level.

So what are the benefits of setting time aside strictly for content creation? First off it will help keep you organized. No more waiting 20 minutes before your shift is over to rush and create something to post the next morning. This will limit your creativity and be in the mindset of “it’s better than nothing”. Secondly, it will save you time. That’s what this blog post it all about isn’t it? No more having to search for new images or quotes everyday, closing and opening the same apps, and signing onto your accounts again. Establishing a smooth and set workflow will leave the wasted time behind and free it up for other marketing initiatives.

Schedule Ahead.

As a marketer, you’ll quickly realize how important it is to schedule your content ahead of time. This will be vital to the success of your following your strategy that you have established. By following your themes, it help your strategy be more focused. Knowing what will go out in advance everyday can align the gaps and work in parallel. This is especially important with a new marketplace that is looking to create an identity and find some consistency.

The ideal timeline to keep a flexible content schedule is 2-3 months in advance. While it is okay to outline by a year, others like to keep 2-3 months in case of any changes. The flexibility allows your team to become more focused and targeted on building on those blocked months at a time. Instead of being overwhelmed, let your team take the steps with 2-3 months and then work from there. It’s already hard enough to get ahead with that, let alone planning out a whole year.

Monthly Reports.

How will you know what is working and what isn’t? Your monthly reports need to reviewed at the beginning of every month to identify any trends in your strategy. Are certain themes getting more views or likes? Are people sharing more in the mornings or late a night? While a month is just a small sample to make any changes, look over multiple months before making any drastic changes. How can you improve on your current strategy and make it that much better?

While one of your goals or objectives should be growth on a month over month basis, it can be very tough to do when you are a new marketplace in the industry. There will be hiccups along the way but as your and your team get more comfortable with your strategy, it can really take your marketplace to the next level. Just remember, be patient and stay up to date with the latest trends. Social media is constantly evolving and so should your strategy.


Do you have any time saving times you would like to add to our list? We’re always looking to save time and so are others. Leave it in the comments below or give us a shout on social media!

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