How To Jumpstart Social Media Content For Your Marketplace

It’s become questionable what some marketplaces post on social media. From meme’s to videos, it makes you wonder what should I be posting? In reality don’t over think it. Many of us have this perspective of keeping it professional but there has to be some fun involved as well. Find out these tips we have learned this our experience to help jumpstart your social media content.

Open Conversations

Many marketplaces simply post content just to post. Whether it’s blogs they have written or other companies they are working with. While that is a good start to gaining an audience, it’s simply not enough. Social media is not just about showing your personal life and what vacations you have taken but also for marketplaces to build their trust in the community. Ask questions to your audience on how you can improve your services or what some of their go-to resources are for specific topics. Whatever you ask, just be sure they are open ended questions. Spark some controversy (but not too much), in order to get others to chime in. The more people that add to your conversation, the more relevant you will become.

The biggest thing about opening up conversations on social media is to ensure you are capitalizing on those. Don’t just ask a question and let others respond and forget about it. Comment or tweet back to show you are respecting their opinions and care to hear them. This will show your team practices active listening and will help lead to build a community approach around your niche.

Sharing Is Caring

Nobody likes to sit around and just listen to someone talk about themselves. That goes in line with social media content as well. Expand your content by sharing quotes from inspirational leaders in your industry and acknowledging their work. Don’t forget to tag and credit them for the words you use as they will receive a notification and increase the chances of them noticing your marketplace. A simple response or retweet by them can be huge for you as you look to make a splash in the industry.

As you continue to share content of other within your industry, reach out to them as well. Establish a relationship that can take it further than a simple Twitter like or retweet. Take the time to get to know what they are doing and how you can further collaborate. You will be surprised how many people are willing if you just simply ask.

Show Your Sense Of Humor

Don’t just be another dull and boring social media channel. Start by opening up conversations and interacting from a more fun approach. No need to be professional with every tweet or post you share. Show that your marketplace has a fun side and has a balance to life. This can be achieved by sharing some videos, memes, and even creating your own videos around the office. Many companies share their company outings, dinners, happy hours, or even in some cases practical jokes they play on one another. It can really be anything to show your company likes to have fun and can also be easily related to. We are all human, and for a marketplace to show a more personal side can help welcome potential customers.

Become A Thought Leader

If you use your social media channels as more of a support channel, then this section is not for you. If you are looking to become a thought leader, then this is definitely for you! Establishing thought leadership is tough and definitely does not happen overnight. The biggest piece of advice is to be consistent, add value, and network as much as possible. Chime in on conversations by adding your point of view and even help give advice to others. Share your knowledge with the community and it can help build a name for yourself.

For your business channels, a similar approach must be done but people tend to shy away when it is a business. Break that barrier by showing you are another user and not too intimidating to chat with. Be active but don’t start shoving your product in people’s face. Educate them with your content and if you don’t have the answer, point them in a direction where they can find it. You will really surprised your audience if you are point them to your competitors or even away from your own content. Building that trust and leadership will go much further than just one quick sale.

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