How To Go From Bad Reviews To Loyal Customers

Owning or working for a marketplace has it’s perks. Getting creative control, what products to produce, and all the other little decisions you get to make to help you live out your dream. But what about when the inevitable happens? Something slips up or an order is received too late or any number of issues arise. Problems are unavoidable and when there are problems, there will be reviews written about them. This may make your marketplace look a little less appealing but we’ve got the tips to turn those negatives into positives.

Respond Quickly

Nothing is worse than just leaving a negative comment for all your other customers to see without a response. It makes it seem like you don’t care about your customer’s experience or that you don’t have a solution to the problem they’ve faced.

Once a problem comes up be sure to respond within the first 24 hours. You should be constantly monitoring the activity on all your platforms to prevent any snowball effects from bad reviews. Responding to one may prevent a slew of similar reviews.

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Be Professional

I’m sure you’ve experienced an angry server or customer service representative in your lifetime. Some were great and got your issue resolved in no time while others spoke to you with that attitude of a teenager during the stressful prom season. What marks did the two different experiences leave on you? You may have gone back to the company that took care of you time and time again but for the rude individuals and the companies they represented? Probably haven’t visited them in a while.

That’s the importance of being professional and courteous to customers and a business oriented person in general. Be understanding and sympathetic to the issues they have because they are your’s too. Whatever you do, do not get angry or lash out no matter how heated it may get on the other line. Staying composed will get you out of sticky situations quicker.

Apologize And Add Value

Saying sorry should be the first step in tackling your reviews. Show that you care and understand that it is a frustrating situation when what you’ve ordered or experienced didn’t meet your expectations. The bond of shared trials helps when connecting to others. Reaffirm the value your company aims to provide and add a solution. Maybe offering a discount or refund will appease your customer. Be open to hearing what your customer has to say and how they wish to have the problem resolved. Satisfying your customer can help turn them around and come back to use your marketplace again.

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Learn From Your Mistakes

All issues are usually a case-by-case incident but you can take something you learn from every problem to prevent similar events from happening in the future. Running a growing marketplace will give you issues but that only means that there is just room for further improvement.

The initial sting of a bad reviews will help your marketplace grow. It’s not everyday you get free research on what you need to improve on!

Welp! These are our tips to turn your bad reviews into good and loyal customers. The customer is *almost always right. You’re catering to them so it’s awesome you get to find out what they like or don’t like. You’ll save on expenses knowing exactly where to spend them. Best of luck!

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