How To Attract PR Coverage For Your Marketplace

One of the major challenges that comes along with attracting PR coverage for your marketplace has to do with the fact that the landscape itself is changing right before our very eyes. Thanks in no small part to the Internet, there is no longer one “right” way to accomplish this goal – people’s attention is fractured in a million different directions and to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time, you have to try to anticipate where they might be at any given time.

From another perspective, however, this is also a major benefit as you’ve now got more potential avenues and options available to you than ever before. If you truly want to attract PR coverage for your marketplace (and make no mistake, you absolutely do), there are a few key things you’ll need to keep in mind.

Relevancy Is Key

One of the best ways to attract PR coverage for your marketplace, particularly during those fragile early days of its existence, involves taking control of your own messaging and getting information out into the world in the form of a press release. With online sites like PRWeb and PRNewsWire, this is now easier and more affordable than ever. PRWeb alone boasts that it can get your message in front of thousands of different channels nationwide, including both online and in print, acting as a cost effective way to raise awareness, generate publicity and entice new prospects at the same time.

Something that far too many people fail to understand, however, is that you can’t expect to publish a press release about just anything – it needs to be legitimately newsworthy. Announcing to the world that your marketplace is now open for business would be an excellent example of this. Simply trying to use your press release to remind people that you’re out there is not a technique that you’ll have much success with.

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For the best results, create press releases for your marketplace whenever you reach an essential business milestone. You’ve just hit X number of unique monthly active users, you’ve just formed a strategic partnership with a company, you’ve just reached Y dollars in sales – anything that is both legitimately something to celebrate AND that would be considered newsworthy by the outlets that you hope pick up your press release in the first place. You can create press releases for things that fall outside of these and similar categories, but you’d be largely wasting your money. Most distribution networks like PRWeb won’t even run them.

Leverage Your Relationships

Another one of the best ways to attract PR coverage for your marketplace involves leveraging the strategic relationships you’re already forming. Remember that positive coverage is ultimately a good thing for both of you – but attracting that coverage isn’t (and should not be) a one-way street. A praise-filled writeup on a popular blog or in the local newspaper will ultimately benefit both of you, so both of you should be actively trying to generate and amplify that content as much as possible.

In many ways, this is not too dissimilar to the type of networking that you’re probably already doing in real-life. Relationships are formed with the common goal of helping one another, after all. Don’t just use your own social media accounts to try to amplify that press release or blog post you just created – get your partners to do the same whenever the topic overlaps with both of your audiences.

But more than that, you should be trying to create the right types of relationships in the first place. Experts from Forbes recommend that you take advantage of social media and work to develop relationships with industry leaders and influencers. Don’t just look for people who can help your marketplace – look for people who are also relevant to your marketplace’s audience.

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Expanding Your Reach

Finally, the most important thing you can do is understand the modern day PR landscape that you’re playing in. While press releases optimized for SEO will still help, the days of generating PR coverage simply by creating a traditional press release and distributing it over a wire service to journalists are over. Social media is a great way to start your message, but it doesn’t have to end there. Every time you experiment with a new piece of content – like a white paper, eBook, article, marketing newsletter or Infographic, you open the door on a number of new avenues that you can use to distribute that content. An Infographic will get your marketplace attention on social media, for example.

Also consider the fact that the lengthy new eBook you just spent so much time on also accomplishes two things at the same time. Not only do you get to use it in your content marketing efforts, but new publications are also a newsworthy event – meaning that you can create a press release to announce it to the world, too.