How Freelancers Can Help Scale Your Marketplace

The freelancing community has become a huge part of the economy and rightful so. There are plenty of skilled experts in niche markets ready to take on projects and tasks at the click of a button on your computers. Why should marketplaces and businesses trust these freelancers over their own employees? (Just for clarification, freelancers should be seen as a supplemental source to your current team to help get projects completed) Take something off the plate of your team and help free them up for other tasks. Let’s dive into how freelancers can help you scale your marketplace and save your company funds.

Affordable And No Strings Attached.

Let’s face it, many marketplace owners are on a budget and rightfully so. Nickel and dimming every bit they can just to survive and keep their business alive. Sure there as certain aspects that require to fork up money (personnel and management) but cutting costs when you can helps every bit. With freelancers, you are paying on a per job basis and know exactly what you are getting. No need to worry whether they are sitting around playing with their thumbs as deadlines are much more strict with freelancers, considering they only are assigned a specific project. As a normal employee, you typically juggle multiple tasks and a huge to-do list of things so deadlines have a bit more flexibility (in some cases).

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you understand how expensive the cost of living is here translating into very high salaries. As a new marketplace, you don’t quite have the flexibility and managing freelancers are a much more affordable route. Hiring multiple freelancers requires much more work to keep tabs on, but it can save your company huge amounts of money. Also the great thing about freelancers is, if they do not meet your expectations there are no strings attached. No need to worry about extra turnaround costs that a business typically has to go through with new employee hires.  

Flexible And Quick Turnaround.

Why does someone become a freelancer you may ask? The answer is flexibility. As a freelancer, you are not constrained to the typical 9-5 work day and more than often can work when you choose. If you are a night owl, you can have your days free and work well into the night. While of course there are deadlines from the client (the marketplace) that are set, everything else is up to the freelancer. If they like to spread the hours over the course of the week or compress it within a couple days. The biggest thing the client wants to see if that the job is getting done and done right.

What’s another benefit you may ask? The quick turnaround. If you use a site such as Fiverr, you can set the date in which you need a project completed, even if it’s only a few days prior. This allows marketplace owners, the flexibility to create and produce new projects more often than have to wait for your own employees to get through their to-do lists. A freelancer is specifically assigned to your project allowing them to focus solely on the task at hand. No need to worry about your employees being bogged down with other issues or tasks. Also to go back on the 9-5 work days, freelancers can work on weekends when your normal employees don’t. More work is able to get done even when the rest of your team isn’t working.

Brings An Outside Eye.

Often times when working in the same industry for many years, we tend to think a certain way that many others do not align with. Take terminology for example. Someone who is working in tech compared to someone who works in the medical industry will not understand the more technical terms and vice versa. Using a freelancer can help by using more natural words for your everyday audience. While it’s great to specialize and target a specific market, it doesn’t hurt to lighten up on the vocabulary for the newcomers. 

While vocabulary is just one aspect, the visual eye is another great benefit. Bringing in a freelancer to help design or build your marketplace can give you fresh, new ideas. Unlike someone who is an employee of the business, their opinion is less bias and not afraid to speak their minds. We all have been in the position where your boss asks if something should be changed or edited to their ideas, but too worried they may take your feedback the wrong way. As a freelancer, you have the freedom as you are simply paid on a per job basis, rather than having a bigger stake in the company.

Trust Can Be Established Both Ways.

As the saying goes, “Never bite the hand that feeds you”. As a freelancer, you are essentially trading job security for flexibility. Whether you are looking to spend more time with your family or simply enjoy life, freelancing can help create that. While lots of discipline is needed to resist yourself from kicking back and enjoying the freedom, you must make a good name for yourself in your field. You are essentially on your own looking for work and gaining the trust of employers to give you a chance. The great thing is there are many marketplaces that can help you do just that such as Writer Access, Freelancer, Fiverr, and many people based marketplaces. Work on filling your profile out completely and getting your user ratings up to grab the attention of those looking to get projects done.

Once you gain some traction, you will start to gain the trust of people and before you know it they will keep coming back to you. Just like with anything else, first impression is everything. Even though you do not meet face-to-face, showing how credible and knowledgeable you are will make all the difference. After you have completed a project and made a positive impression, you have now become a trusted source for their project needs and vice versa. No need to go looking for another freelancer if you are fulfilling all their needs and more. You can even work out some sort of agreement to keep each other on their list if any projects brought up.

Still not convinced to use freelancers? Let me be the first to tell you, we use freelancers here at Marketplace Platform to help supplement our content efforts and keeps us on track to hit our goals. Give it a shot! Start with small projects or tasks with freelancers and as you get more comfortable, scale up when you feel it is time.


Have you had good or bad experiences with freelancers? Comment with your stories below!

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