Holiday Marketing Tips For Your Marketplace

‘Tis the season and the holidays are among us. I don’t know about you but with there’s something special about the crisp air this time of year. People are happier, eating good, and spending more. The gift giving season is reaching full force and deals are on every kiosk and website you visit. It’s a great time to really market your marketplace and share the warmth. In no particular, order let’s get into how you can get festive with your marketing this season.

Seasonal Adword Campaigns

Your marketing team probably has a running AdWord campaign for regular day-to-day activities but you can reach a wider audience with some customized seasonal adwords. If your marketplace is offering deals highlight them in your campaign. “Holiday”, “Tis the Season”, “Gift”, “45% off” are all great adwords that can be used with most marketplace promotions. Instill a sense of urgency by adding an expiration date. I know I’ve fallen victim to these many times but hey, they’re effective and I get a great deal. Create a simple landing page that’s festive and plays up your deals and you’re good to go.

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Instagram Ads

My personal favorite of the social media marketing platforms. The simple scrolling and search features allow users to process images quickly on their timeline. If you haven’t used Instagram ads before, now would be a great time to try. Users are used to the ads that come up every few scrolls and usually, they’re relevant and appealing to the eye. Paired with a simple “Shop Now” CTA right under the image, you can easily drive more traffic to your business.

A few tips on an Instagram ad are to:

  • Have an aesthetically pleasing picture that captures your particular audience, you should know what these images should pertain.
  • Entice them with keywords like “gift” or “free” and your visits should increase.


Host a contest on your platform to share your product. This is a great and easy way to spread the word about your marketplace. You can increase the awareness of your business by using the entry details. Many businesses turn to social media for their giveaways. In order to enter applicants, they must follow or subscribe and tag a few friends to enter. It’s easy for the user and markets to a bigger circle of potential customers.

Festive Makeover

Promotions have to align with the entire image of your marketplace. With your website being the face of the business, it’s expected to have a little holiday spirit. Post some festive team outings or add a little Christmas tree in the background. Promotional banners are a great way to add that extra flair. You can feature some popular items or packages and add a gift with purchase if you’re feeling a little generous. It’s also a fun way for your team to get creative. Don’t be a scrooge!

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Collaborate With Other Businesses

Remember when you were young and a TV special came up with a mash-up of your favorite shows? The excitement was unreal. Collaborating with a similar business is a great way to extend your audience and get people excited. Creating a special package with bits of the best from both businesses is an opportunity to show what you do best and potentially bring back some return customers. Reach out companies that interest you. It’s a great way to build a strong community in a cutthroat industry.

Holiday Content

Whether it’s webinars, podcasts, blogs or videos you can build ideas around the holidays that pull at the heartstrings of your viewers/listeners/readers and relate to them on a deeper level. The ads that always stay in my mind are the ones with touching stories that make me support the business even more. If you’re a business that grew from a childhood idea or with a group of your best college friends, share that if you feel comfortable. Pairing these with any other the mentioned tips can separate your marketing game from others this season.

It’s the end of the year and business can get busier than ever so ramp up your execution plans if you haven’t already and best of luck to you!

If you have any comments or additional tips, leave them in the box below. Happy Holidays!