Can The Sharing Economy Open Up To Creatives?

According to Supply Chain the sharing economy will be worth $320 billion by 2020, an increase from $14 billion in 2014. Rethinking ownership is a workplace concept in every industry from logistics to creatives. Speaking of creatives, is it possible for this sector to ease into the sharing economy? Actually, many creative businesses have already jumped in with both feet and are enjoying the waters of their work. Check out how creatives are using, and will continue to use, the sharing economy.

Sharing Economy In Summary

The definition of a sharing economy involves people or businesses that gain temporary access to a skill, service, or asset. These valuable elements are owned by someone else who offers them for a price. In a sharing economy you can write, read, capture, or generate something that is valued creatively by another person. This, in effect, is how creatives can get in on the benefits of the sharing economy.

Internet Is Most Giving

The rise of the internet has brought with it the online freelance market for creatives. You can find everything from web content writers to graphic designers who provide their services online. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also includes multimedia artists, fashion designers, and technical writers as creative jobs.

However, this exchange goes far beyond just cash money and credit card payments. Over at Just Park you can scope out the different types of sharing services, which include:

  • Teaching new skills in the subject of your expertise, such as how to write a blog post or publish YouTube videos
  • Provide music or video streaming services
  • Borrow items associated with your creative endeavor, such as your digital camera or paint brushes
  • Provide funding for other creatives
  • Help design someone’s house or dress them for a special event
  • Offer an exchange of one creative service for another
  • Take professional photos for someone, such as an author who needs a book jacket blurb, in exchange for acknowledgment as the artist on the jacket

There are so many ways to give, take, and share in the sharing economy if you are a creative. It frees you up to be able to use your creative energy in addition to, or in place of, your full-time job.

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Finding Creatives In Sharing Economy

These jobs range from coworker side gigs like on Fiverr to full-time freelance writing work for creatives willing to go the extra mile with online marketing. Here are some of the sites that promote creatives in a sharing economy:

These sites and hundreds more like them give creatives the perfect platform for sharing their services more efficiently. Long gone is the days when creatives were forced into cubicles and contracts. Today anyone can hire a creative in a click of a mouse. These freelancers are free to pick and choose the clients they work for and jobs they complete. This is the sharing economy at its finest with a focus on creative pursuits.

Boons Of A Creative Sharing Economy

As with any concept involving real people, there are benefits and consequences. For creatives who work from home in a freelance setup, the sharing economy has only elevated their abilities to find clients fast. Being able to meet others through this economy is a latent benefit. Yet in this era where we spend more time on computers and in offices than with socializing, sharing services opens up opportunities for personal engagement. This is a strong reason why the sharing economy is booming for creatives.

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Problems Creatives Face

At the same time if you are depending on the sharing economy to make ends meet, it misses the mark. The benefits of full-time employment are simply not in a sharing economy. This includes things like health insurance, retirement plans, and unemployment compensation. So where the sharing economy brings a wealth of benefits, it slacks off in key areas that are covered by conventional employment. Before we can see the sharing economy hit all the high marks for creatives, we’ll need to see some organization and laws passed to protect this newly emerging economy.

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