Building Google AdWords Campaigns That Benefit Your Marketplace

Virtually everyone uses the Internet these days, and this brings a multitude of business opportunities. That said, you can have the most amazing products, but if your website doesn’t receive sufficient traffic, there’s no way your enterprise can succeed with online customers.

Whether your business is large, medium-sized, or just getting started, Google AdWords campaigns can bring a range of marketing benefits. If well-implemented, these pay per click advertising campaigns can help to build your brand and your bottom line very quickly. Some of the top benefits include:

1. Scores Of Potential Traffic.

Since Google is the most popular search engine in the world, there are hundreds of millions of people using it regularly. With the right use of your marketing budget, you can effectively tap into this traffic and make a relevant portion of it your own. Google is continually improving its technology and algorithms as well.

2. Targeted Exposure.

Keywords are key to making Google AdWords work. By selecting the best ones for your business and your target market, you can ensure your ads will be displayed to the most relevant viewers. Your ads can also be displayed selectively to specific geographic regions.

3. Fast, Transparent Results.

Once your campaign is switched on, your ads will start receiving impressions right away. This means you’ll start seeing additional traffic to your website almost immediately. The AdWords dashboard allows you to analyze your campaign results very quickly in a number of areas including ads clicked, keywords used and exact costs.

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4. Equips You With Tools Dor Connecting With Customers.

The Google AdWords dashboard is user-friendly and there is also assistance available directly from Google AdWords. The Google Analytics tool is excellent for lead generation as well as monitoring and refining the progress of your campaigns.

5. It’s Flexible.

The Google AdWords platform is suitable for just about any online business or organization. You get to set your own budget, and it’s compatible with a range of software and marketing tools.   

There are also numerous campaign types to choose from, ensuring that there’s one that will be a perfect fit for your business. Campaign types determine where and how customers will see your ads and they include:

Search Network Only.

These are Google’s basic test ads that appear alongside search results that are relevant to your ad’s keywords.

Search Network With Display Select.

This campaign targets users as they perform searches and visit websites. It allows you to fine-tune how and when your ads are displayed so that you can connect with your target audience.

Display Network Only.

This campaign displays your ads on websites and apps that are relevant to your keywords and site content. You’ll be able to fine tune and target your ads based on your preferences.


Shopping campaigns allow you to promote specific products and inventory to find qualified leads and boost sales. These ads display a photo of your product in addition to its name, price and more.

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YouTube is more popular than ever, and a video campaign allows you to display your ads on Youtube pages and within relevant content.

Universal App.

This type of campaign is specifically for app designers and advertisers. It allows your app to be promoted via Google Play, Search, YouTube and the Display Network.

There are also campaign subtypes within the major headings, including:

  • Standard
  • All features
  • Marketing objectives

How can you make the most of your Google AdWords campaign? The following are some general guidelines:

  1. Get Laser Focused on Keywords. Spend significant time determining the top keywords for your customers who are ready to make a purchase. Include configurations like “best ______” and “top ______.”
  2. Brand Awareness. Include your brand name and forms of it within your keywords.
  3. Competitor Keywords. Include keywords for your competitors’ names and products to benefit from these searches and increase exposure.
  4. Retarget Users. The retargeting feature tags users with a cookie and will show them the ad again in the near future on other websites they browse.

Google AdWords can garner an almost immediate response from web users who are looking for products or services like yours. It’s a flexible service that allows for customized campaigns within any budget. If you want more focused traffic routed directly to your website, try Google AdWords today.

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