Are Bad Customer Reviews A Good Thing?

Starting a business never is a smooth ride. In order to know where you’re going, you must know where you’ve been. There are going to be situations that may leave a bad taste in a client’s mouth and can have a negative effect on your business. Reviews are widely-used for many benefits such as understanding customer needs, internally with employees for updates, and quality assurance. Although you can’t avoid bad reviews, there are things you can do to lessen the blow and learn from these mishaps.

Show That You Care

The customer always comes first and that doesn’t change after their purchase. Receiving a bad review is a chance to show that you do care about the experiences of all your clients. Now, there are a few rules of thumb when this happens.

  1. Respond Quickly – It’s best to get back to a reviewer within 24 hours of the initial posting. Leaving it alone for too long may leave time for others to add to the negative comment.
  1. Offer a Solution – This depends on the issue the customer has so, go with your managerial instincts. Giving a discount code, refund, new item, free service, etc…
  1. Don’t Be Stubborn – As nasty as a customer may be, never be rude or stubborn. Stay composed and speak (or type) calmly. The key is to kill them with kindness!

These little things make the difference that customers notice in a company. Of course, I’ve run into some issues as a customer when I’m browsing different marketplaces and websites. The businesses I always go back to take my problems seriously and work to resolve them. We usually get a phone call or chat box. Businesses that handle problems swiftly with ease and courtesy make me want to go back to them!

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Find Your Weak Points

From your company’s standpoint, all customer reviews are a chance to identify weak points to improve upon. Keep your eyes peeled for ways you could be better to customers or more useful blogs/video topics they want to hear more about. Perhaps the images aren’t displaying your products properly, that can be fixed with a little debriefing with your photographer.

Maintaining a constant mild case of paranoia can help sustain your company. Finding holes in your business model and working them out as you go will make your company grow stronger and capable of amassing a larger audience.

Create A Plan

It always difficult to go back to those negative comments that don’t represent the way your company works.Don’t leave them after you read them! Like the previous point, it’s your chance to build your company. Short-term and long-term plans should be created separately but have the same goal. Short-term plans are within the next one to three months. What are some things you can achieve in that short time? Break your long-term plans into smaller pieces and you’ll see your business attracting and retaining customers because you are listening to their needs.

Every few months or so you can create a new strategy with the intel you’ve obtained from your reviews and other advisors. It could be for your social media posts, shipping options, and customer support.

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A good performance review program will take a lot of time and manpower but is undeniably worth it for the customized information you’ll be receiving. You will find your marketplace going down a better path if these insights are properly utilized.

Have you been going through some not-so-good reviews? How have you handled them in the past? Leave it in the comments below!

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