7 Tips To Update Your Email Campaigns This Holiday Season

Email is a thing of the past isn’t it? WRONG. This form of communication still holds a strong value, especially when it comes to communicating with your consumers. While your email campaigns can be a hit or miss, there are some tips you can incorporate to create a winning strategy and spread the holiday cheer.

1. Check Your History.

What did you do for the holiday season previously? Take a look at what you did the previous year and even before if you have the information. What worked during those campaigns, what didn’t work, and what stood out to you the most? See where your traffic came from and are those users still customers of yours today? If not, include them in your campaign as well. They may need to update their product or service as it is outdated.

Look at email campaigns you received from other companies previously as well. Do you see a trend between them? Pay close attention to headlines and subject lines to help you generate new ones for this season.

2. Be Cautious Of The Amount.

Many of us do weekly or even daily email blasts. How you are communicating with your lists is up to your team but try to keep it reasonable. Don’t start doubling up on the amount of emails just because it’s the holidays. Your list is already expecting their usual emails and adding a few more doesn’t hurt. Just don’t be the ones who send multiple a day every time there is a price change or sale update. Try sending an “opt-in” email prior to your campaign push. This will allow you to get a more targeted idea of who is interested while also keeping people from unsubscribing from your lists.

3. Concentrate On Value.

What message are you trying to bring across? Are you offering special deals on your items or discounting your software packages? Make it clear and precise in the body of your emails and be sure it can be read by anyone, even if they are not in the same industry. Make it so easy even your grandparents can understand the messaging in your campaigns. Add some personalization while you are at it to show you do care about your customers. If need be, offer different deals to different sets of lists. Correspond these with where they are in the sales funnel to help make their decisions easier.

4. Don’t Use Emojis or Symbols.

Emojis have become a huge hit in the last few years and quite frankly are everywhere. I have seen ads where there are no words and just emojis in place to create a sentence. In my opinion, that is a bit extreme as it makes it more difficult for your consumers to understand the message. According to Marketing Profs, using emoji’s in subject lines drop rates by 5%. This comes as no surprise as it comes off a bit more spammy. Be sure not to use symbols in your subject lines as well as it can trigger inboxes negatively and send them straight to the spam folder. It’s important to be creative but with your words and not your symbols.

5. Keep It To The Point.

If you have done a good job of relying the right message, it will be opened by those who are interested. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Creating a simple and to the point headline will increase the chances of users opening your emails. For example, if you are in the e-commerce space. Inserting discount specials in the headlines with “25% OFF your purchase” or “Save 50% on your order”. This is straight to the point and clear what they will be receiving.

6. Divide Your Campaigns.

Don’t just stick to one campaign and expect it to be a one size fits all of your email lists. Just like any other lists, there should always be 1 stream for sales and 1 stream for marketing. These emails must keep their own campaigns but monitor the results. Did they improve before running the holiday campaigns or were they worse? Always ask yourself the question, “What changed or what did I do differently?” This will help guide you in a better direction for future email campaigns.

7. Clean Up Your Lists.

Let’s face it, we all wish we had 100% open and click rates. That would be quite a successful campaign but let’s get back to reality. Depending on your industry, the ideal open rate is between 16.75-27.23% while the click rates are between 1.25-5.13%, based on a list of at least 1000 subscribers. To put into better perspective that is a range of 12-51 people. Doesn’t sound like much success, does it?

While you can make improvements in increasing both of those rates, the best place to start is by cleaning up your lists. Do you have subscribers who no longer open your lists or mark your emails as spam? These are the people you want to filter out as they are simply making your numbers look bad. A good rule of thumb is if they have not engaged within a 12 month period, then you should not add them to your campaigns. You don’t have to delete that email address but simply exclude them. Cleaning the lists will help your chances of landing in the inboxes of your consumers.

Discover and try new tactics along the way. Like I said before, there is no one size fits all strategy to email marketing. Each industry is different and that’s what makes the challenge ahead so great. Test to see what is working for your team and build upon it.


Do you have any winning strategies for your email marketing? We’d love to hear what works and what doesn’t work. Give us a shout on social media with your stories.

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