6 Ways To Jumpstart Content For Your Marketplace

Fresh and new content will always be a tough thing to come up with. If you are in content marketing, you are constantly looking for new ways to improve and get on board with the latest trends. What about when you hit the wall and are at a standstill? We are here to share 6 ways you can help jumpstart your content marketing efforts and generate new leads for your marketplace.

1. Outsourcing Is Your Friend.

You need to loosen the grip and use other companies to help with the work load. As a new marketplace, your budgets are not as flexible and frankly do not have the experience in your industry to start throwing money left and right. One of the best things you can do as a new marketplace is to start with a content marketing strategy. Gain the trust of your audience by providing knowledgeable resources such as blogs, podcasts, eBooks, and whatever else your company is able to provide. People love free stuff but of course comes at an expense to your marketplace.

If you don’t have enough bodies in your company, make outsourcing your friend. Whether it’s your blog posts or daily tasks that need to be done, there are plenty of great sites to find freelancers to help get the job done. One of our personal favorites is Writer Access, a marketplace that connects thousands of writing experts with customers like us. Simply search using your keywords and find writers who have experience in your field.

If you want to go into more detail, you can create a post explaining your requirements and perform what the platform calls, a “casting call”. This will allow users to apply to your post and you can pick from the pool of applicants. Once you have decided on your writer, turnaround time ranges typically range from 2-4 days and you will have a new article written. The quality ranges from 1 to 5 star writers, so the more you spend the higher quality content you will get.  No need to spend hours creating your own blog posts and worrying about covering every day of the week. Your problems are solved!

2. Invite Industry Leaders For Q&A Sessions.

The best way to make a splash in your industry. Who are you following on your social networks and finding for all your content needs? It’s important you establish who those people are, follow what they are doing and reach out to them. Don’t think they are too good or famous to speak with you. The worst thing that can happen is they don’t respond right? If they do respond, it can be huge for your marketplace as that simple interaction can instantly increase your reach.

Don’t message them immediately and ask them for something. 9 times out of 10 you will get a no. What value is in it for them if they take the time out of their day to help you out? There must be incentive both ways. Establish the connection and earn the trust of those leaders. Make it a two-way street instead of you getting what you need and running. That will make all the difference for the success of your marketplace.

3. Be Active On Forums.

Forums are great places to find experts and industry leaders that are talking about your field of interest. Whether you are looking for answers to your questions or simply need something to help boost your content marketing. Do you see topics that are trending and or are constantly being brought up? This can help your team learn about new things but also give you a chance to be industry leaders. A great site to get started on is Quora. With a wide range of topics and experts, it has become the go-to place for questions and answers. A very simple but effective site.

4. Leverage Your Own Team.

Sure everyone is busy with their own tasks and responsibilities but it doesn’t hurt to open up the floor. While you will have your own dedicated writers, let the voice of your team members be heard. Whether it’s sales, engineering, human resources, or whichever department they belong to they all come from a unique point of view. Your marketing team and content writers might be missing out on something in each of those fields that they are not normally exposed to. Take the engineers for example. What they are building in the backend and working on is not something the rest are exposed to. Maybe writing an article on how what tools or resources they use to complete their jobs. It can help your audience grow from a more technical aspect.

You may be wondering, who would want to do more work if it’s not required? While I do agree with that, making it fun can be a big incentive. Maybe letting people leave work early on certain days to work on their post or other perks such as gift cards or free lunches. This can help others want to join in on the fun and contribute to your content.

5. Open Up For Guest Posts.

Do you constantly get those emails about new writers looking to make a name for themselves? I know we do. Don’t shut them down thinking they are just trying to sell you on something. Take the time to ask for other work they have published on the web and see if they have some credibility already established. If you don’t hear back from them with links, it’s time to move on from there. I always like to give people a chance but if they don’t embrace it, they have missed their opportunity.

Be careful with those who you let on as guest posts, as they may simply be looking to feed off your SEO. Keep guest posts in line with your marketing strategy as once you start going off topic, you will lose interest of your current audience. If you start getting hundreds of emails for guests posts, you are doing something right. At that point, hiring an intern to manage those may not be a bad idea?

6. Circle Back To Old Content.

This step may not be for everyone as you may be a new startup without any content at all. If so then you can keep this step in the back of your mind for when you do start to produce more content and hit a road block down the line.

For those who have a more established content marketing strategy in play, circle back to the old content that was written. A blog post written last year may not be up to date in today’s standards. Trends change and more rapidly technology changes. It is important to stay current with your article and ensure you are providing accurate information. Don’t refer to articles that were written 2 years ago, use something that is written in the same year at minimum. The newer the better and that has researched backed behind it.

Don’t forget Google algorithms change quite often as well. Tweaks are made daily and can change the course of your rankings of old content you have written. Focus on building your SEO back up by rewriting old content with today’s standards and the best part is, you have a blueprint to work off. No need to come up or research new ideas as you have the original post as a reference.

Now that you have learned 6 easy ways, get out and bring your content marketing to the next level! Do you have any stories in which you hit the wall and struggled? We’d love to hear how you were able to get through it. Comment below or send us a tweet @MrktPlacePfm!