5 Social Media Tools For Your Marketplace

Social media is everywhere and if you’re going to be in the digital space, being active on several platforms is a must. Posting, scheduling and messaging is daunting but with the right tools you’ll be able to reach the optimal plan to help your business soar. We’ve got several tools at different price points and features to help you figure out what works best for your marketplace.

1. Hootsuite (Free plan – $499/mo.)

This is your one stop shop for all your social media platforms scheduling needs. Hootsuite can sync up with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (35 total platforms) and post whenever you need. You can track your traffic and look into your analytics through this tool. Hootsuite is best for smaller to medium sized companies that only requires a small social media team. They also have a blog that offers more information and current events related to social media marketing and how to better your own business!

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2. Buffer (Free plan – $399/mo.)

If you’re looking for a clean and simple dashboard that caters to all your platforms then check out Buffer. The tool makes it very easy to start scheduling right away so you can maintain a consistent presence on social media. A trademark quality is their intuitive program and helpful content. Buffer also provides analytics and shows you an overview of how your accounts are doing on social media. The tool also has a creative feature to help make images. You can check your work on desktop or their mobile apps.

3. Agora Pulse ($49 – $299/mo.)

As with the previous two tools, Agora Pulse provides an all-in-one management platform that provides great analytics and reporting.  If you’re a small business the reports will be great to keep you no track. Larger teams can be aided by monitoring their progress closely and collaborating team workflows. A unique feature Agora offers is their competitor analysis and Facebook contest apps.

4. CoSchedule ($30 – $1600/mo.)

CoSchedule is more than just a social media management tool. It’s for marketing as a whole. It’s incorporated in elite marketing teams in companies like Microsoft and Home Depot. All socials and plans can be put into the CoSchedule program and make campaigns and posts run more efficiently. Entire marketing schedules can be shown on a clean dashboard and projects can be assigned and moved with individuals. All this comes along with the analytic and reports. This is the powerhouse of marketing tools and if you see fit, try it out!

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5. Edgar ($49/mo.)

Edgar is essentially a virtual content manager. As the user you will fill a library on the tool within specific categories that you come up with and Edgar fills in time slots for you according to your categories. What’s great is that it’s an automated system so you don’t have to worry about looking into the archives for older blogs to post when Edgar can sift them out and bring them to the public once again after the cycle is over.

Hope this post helps you out! We’ve got a pretty diverse set of tools here and hopefully there is one that suits you. If your favorite tools weren’t mentioned, leave a comment below and tell us what you like. We’d love to know!