5 Skills To Inspire As A Marketplace Leader

Some individuals are born leaders while others grow into the roles they’ve worked hard for. Having charisma and being able to motivate people is a quality natural born leaders are endowed but there are a few skills that can help you refine your leadership skills no matter your experience. We’ve got a few characteristics most great leaders tend to have beyond having confidence and passion for their work.

1. Positive

Staying positive is a virtuous phrase that gets thrown around quite often but is seldom taken seriously. Working within a marketplace increases the pressure in high stress situations but as a leader it’s important to remain level headed and keep a strong morale within your teams.

Even on days when the numbers aren’t looking good or shipments are delivered late, keep in mind that these are issues to improve on and it’s all a learning process in such a new form of business. Grabbing lunch with employees or hosting a potluck to foster new friendships can boost the efficiency of your company. It may seem like a waste of time and money but the energy you’re building can be transferred into from amazing work!

2. Empathy

Have you ever had a manager who criticised you for slipping up in a meeting? You may have made an honest mistake but you couldn’t help but think that those passive aggressive remarks they made were about you. Believe it or not, the workforce isn’t always so cut throat. Looking out for one another and picking up some slack when need be should be the way of the office.

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Not many can go into a leadership position and empathize to others easily. It took me a couple laps before I realized that I was getting aggravated in a team that I was leading for things that were out of all of our control. However, what needs to be done will get done and if someone needs a break for whatever reason, give them one. This is the ultimate “treat others like you want to be treated tip”, it will get you far in your career.

3. Delegating Tasks

Perfection is what all business owners are aiming for and if you say you’re not, what are you doing?? Although we all know that perfection is impossible, it’s okay to strive for the nearest thing. With that in mind, you also want to run your business the way you want and you have a vision for how everything is supposed to turn out. Relinquishing some of that control and delegating these task to other highly capable teammates boosts the confidence of the team and gets things done quicker.

Hand off some tasks to the people you’ve hired to do it! It may seem hard but you may be able to see things from another perspective and learn a few new tricks. Delegating things to do is the first step to helping your employees and teams work cohesively while getting first hand experience.

4. Accountability

“Give credit where credit is due”. Doing work with groups of people each with their own responsibilities can sometimes get a little messy. When things get messy, problems seem to pop up like daisies. As a leader, you have to enforce and demonstrate the weight of accountability in a work setting. As you’ve probably seen many on screen shows and movies, the big shot boss gets a great idea from an intern and completely claims it to be their own. This may not ruin someone’s career but integrity is a valuable asset and once that is tarnished, it’s hard to gain the trust of many others in your future.

Playing the blame game is another prevalent occurrence in the workforce. People are quick to point fingers in order to avoid their flames and the innocent ones are helpless and risk being fired or demoted. Of course these are not written in a rule book at every company you’ll work for but again, integrity is a trait fair and few, especially when mixing with business. Keep your head and standards high for yourself to be a great example.

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5. Nurturing

Finding an amazing group of individuals that get along and are wildly talented is a blessing. Even for the ones that seem to be a little late to blossom are full of potential. It’s you as a leader to see what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are and how you want to help them get to where they’re going. Have frequent chats with everyone, see how they’re doing, and how you can help them learn skills within your company that ride along the lines of their goals.

Being able to nurture and care for the ones around you builds loyalty. Don’t forget that you are playing a huge role in the foundation of many people’s careers!

These are our five traits to help you become a better leader. If you have all these already, great and we hope you continue to develop them! For those of you who have something you’d like to work on, best of luck!