5 Potential Ideas To Start Your Own Marketplace Today

When it comes to building a marketplace, the ideas are endless! While you may have a hobby in mind, that does not necessarily mean it will make a great marketplace. I have put a list together and happy to share potential marketplace platform ideas to get your juices flowing.

1. Exercise Equipment

Obesity in America has been around for many years and still continues to be an issue. The great thing about it is, awareness has risen and people are starting to take a more health-conscious approach. Companies and factories are now producing organic, gluten-free, low calorie, low sodium, and many others that can help lower obesity. The great thing is these foods have even become cheaper as they are more accessible.

With healthier eating habits, comes exercise as well. Many of us may not have time to exercise every day as we were long hours but in reality, a 20-minute workout can benefit your body. As the trends of a healthier lifestyle and technology continue to advance, exercise equipment is cheaper as well. An old treadmill or bike machine at home that you have upgraded or no longer use can earn you some extra cash. What about dumbbell sets or even those workout clothes you hoped you eventually would fit into? A marketplace for active people with equipment at a fraction of the cost would be huge. No more excuses of equipment being too expensive or I don’t know where to find it.

2. Baby Gear

Babies are everywhere you go and it will continue to be that way. If you are a parent or have a family member that is, you understand how expensive everything can be. Diapers and formula alone cost a fortune as they go through those so quickly. What about a crib? A stroller? Baby clothes? Bags? Toys? It sounds so overwhelming!

Once you have your first child, you may think oh I’ll save all the clothes and gear for the next one. What if you later decide not to have another kid or they all grow out of the baby phases? You spend a pretty penny on all the gear and getting something back would be more ideal than just throwing it in the trash. That’s where a baby marketplace would come into play. Having an all-in-one community where parents can interact to buy and sell their gear and even give advice too soon to be parents. This type of community would be huge as many first time parents need all the help they can get. Setting up user profiles to list their items and enabling reviews would help give parents a peace of mind. No more need to worry if the product really lives up to the pictures as you can view ratings and reviews. Just think of an Airbnb model for baby stuff.

3. Luxury Clothing Items

Do you remember when leather jackets were a big fad? While some may still wear their jackets, others have moved on to the latest fashion. The tough part about trying to keep up with the fashion trends is that they are always changing. What may be in today, may not be tomorrow. So what about all those expensive clothes you purchased last year or even a few years ago? It’s tough to just throw something away that cost you $200. Wouldn’t you want to get at least a fraction of that back to make your choice feel a bit better?

How about ladies fashion? What about those expensive dresses that you wore for a wedding or company party? You spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to wear them maybe once or twice? Personally, I know a few who have experienced this and can’t even imagine how big of a marketplace this could become. You can find people within your area to purchase or even go nationwide with the ease of shipping. Simply upload your photos to showcase your item and let the marketplace handle the rest!

4. Musical Instruments

This may be a very niche market but it does exist. If you played an instrument growing up, you probably don’t have the same passion or even time to play it. Whether it’s an old guitar, violin, or keyboard it can all be put to good use elsewhere. Get some of the money back that you spend 5-10 years ago instead of it collecting dust in your garage. If you have a knack for music, then you will love a marketplace for musicians and a community built around it.

5. Fine Art

Another niche market but can provide very high value. A big name that does have a fine art marketplace is Amazon but with such a big name, it can be very difficult to sell your items on there. If you have a passion for art, a marketplace can help take your skills to the next level. Connecting with other artists, bouncing new ideas and collaborating on new items would be great. You would create customer profiles to interact in the community and list your art for sale. The all-in-one place for artists and upcoming artists to get what they need.

While these are just 5 potential ideas, it’s not all of them! There are plenty of marketplaces that exist and that do not exist to this day. The best place to start is with what you are passionate about. Once you have established that, do your research and learn how you can create your own branded marketplace!

If you have any questions regarding marketplace platforms, feel free to comment below or send us a tweet @MrktPlacePfm! We’d love to hear from you.