5 Exercises To Build Stronger Work Teams

Walking into a new project or job can always be a little unnerving. You’re trying to get the hang of the new programs and get a feel of where everything is in the office to establish some level of comfort. Obviously you were chosen for a job or project because the people who hired you believe you are capable of pushing out the proper work.

What helps a business run more smoothly? A team of people that all get along and understand each other’s work habits. Ice breakers have been a tradition and seen throughout movies and TV for co-workers to get to know each other. Today, we are providing exercises and activities that allow colleagues a chance to get to familiarize themselves with everyone else and learn about each other’s work style.

1. Highs/Lows

Participants: 2+
Tools: None
Time: 5-7 minutes
Rules: The first team member tells a factual story about something negative that’s happened in their life. It can be personal or work related (make sure to keep it PG though). Then the same team member shares the positive aspects of that experience while the rest of the team looks into the silver linings of the experience as well. Afterwards it switches to the next person until the group is done.

Objective: Players are able to look into the more positive side of scenarios that can be transferred to any future projects while teammates get to hear about their experiences.  

2. Department Field Trip

Many people tend to get caught up in the work within their own sphere. For example, marketing knows that they have to release campaign X at this certain time. and Afterwards, that it’s a sales and analytical effort to improve. Looking beyond the data there is another way to learn about the success of a campaign.

Talking to the sales team can offer insights from a real person instead of charts on the screen. People should be encouraged to show each other around their corner of the company to learn what they are working on and with that be able to form a bigger picture of your marketplace’s mission. In my own experience, I’ve gotten bursts of motivation seeing what others are doing in realizing where my position lies in the chain of work that helps everyone else.

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3. Follow My Voice

Participants: 4-10 (even numbers)
Tools: Small objects, blindfolds
Time: 15-30 minutes
Rules: In a large empty space, disperse your various objects throughout. Participants will pair up and one person from each team will be blindfolded and stand on one side of the playing field. The second team mate goes to the other side. The goal is to lead the blindfolded teammate through the maze of objects without touching anything through verbal instructions. The blindfolded teammate is not allowed to talk.

Objective: The game uses trust, listening, and effective communication.

4. Volunteering

With the holiday season among us, it’s a great time to do some charity work for your community. Making care packages, serving food, spending your time with the elderly or youth can build a stronger bond within your team while doing something truly good. There’s a certain camaraderie that forms when you do something good together. You’ll be able to look back and see more than just a screen and office settings in your memories. Doing something outside of the workplace also makes it more comfortable for people to talk to each other the next day at the office that will flow into the work.

5. Get Your Fitness On

Fitness is a topic that many people can speak on. Every individual’s journey is different and personal. If you’re able to find a group or take your teams out to a fitness class you can sweat, have fun, and get a great post-workout meal together. There are so many types of classes you can take now from ballet to crossfit to spinning that there’s always going to be something to do. Producing those endorphins will also give you a boost of energy and positivity you can bring to the office!

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The importance of a cohesive team should never be undervalued so to take the time and try to facilitate a happy workplace, will only do good. Take a little time out of a Friday to do an activity or mix up the department members to get a feel of what the entire company is doing. Little things here and there make a big difference in building the culture of a company.

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