5 Daily Habits Of The Most Successful People

Are you eating breakfast? Exercising regularly? If not, don’t worry you’re not alone. If you are, congratulations champ you’ve got part of the work done! We all get the same 24-hours in a day but how we use them is what differentiates us. This is not to say that to lead a more effective lifestyle will drastically change your life but implementing a few key habits can put you in a better position for success. Of course breakfast is the most important meal and exercising is great but we want to go over the not so common answers to success.

1. Plan Ahead

Mapping out your day in the morning or even the night before can remove the jumble of yesterday’s work so can start with a clear mind and idea of what’s to come in the next 16 hours (or more because who gets a full 8 hours of sleep). Working from a to-do list can increase your productivity each day.

Here’s a micro course on to-do lists:
– Prioritize the tasks you have to do. For example, reading a case study for a project goes before restocking on toner
– Do your biggest task first
– Bring your list with you
– Write your daily goals down. This can be from answering emails to making your bed and walking your dog. Nothing better than crossing off the tasks on your list so put whatever you want down

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2. Balancing Work and Life

Successful people understand the boundaries of work and home life. Making sure there is time set aside for family and friends is just as important as getting the work done in the office, it’s like recharging and grounding yourself.

In order to progress in life there needs to be a time of reflection. Bustling work around the clock doesn’t allow you to do that. There could possibly be a solution to a few issues you’re not seeing if you don’t take a step back to analyze. A fresh pair of eyes and a relaxing weekend can give you the opportunity see things in a different light. You also don’t want to miss out on the milestones of life. Watching your baby take their first step or going out for a friends birthday are memories that can not be replaced.

3. Wake Up Early

I know this is something not very many people like to do. Waking up for work at your regular time may be hard enough but with a little practice and commitment you’ll be a morning person in no time. Try to wake up an hour earlier everyday and think of all you can do. Personally I’d go to the gym since I have the energy and I can just get it out of the way. Feeling stronger and more energized gets me amped for the rest of the day. If not gymming you can squeeze in making a decent breakfast or work through some projects you have ahead of you.

4. Remembering Names 

First impressions last a lifetime and in today’s world of digital interactions it’s harder to really meet someone. Which is why remembering a new acquaintance’s name is important. No one will hold it against you if you don’t recall but remembering names let’s others know that you are present in the conversation and genuinely want to know that individual.

It’s giving others the sense of feeling special since it’s not common practice to know each other. Being personable is a trait that will leave an impression on others and who knows they can be your next business partner or best friend.

5. Always Learn

Someone will always be smarter than you and you should strive to surround yourself with people that reflect the goals you’ve set. Successful people are always aiming to reach higher and learning about anything they can. Staying up to date with current events and reading up on industry news is how successful people stay successful.

It’s also the company you keep and how confident you are in yourself that you’ll learn from others. No one wants a big headed leader who thinks that a position implies intelligence. There’s something you can always learn from someone and I believe that that is a beautiful thing.

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Musician, Fashion Designer and CEO Robyn Rihanna Fenty once said, “I like to surround myself with people that can do their job better than me”.

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