4 Tips To Increase Marketplace Leads

The marketplace economy has grown vastly throughout the last decade and continues to grow. What does that mean for your marketplace? Competition is increasing and leads will be harder to come by. Luckily for you, we are here to share 4 tips to increase leads to help get you ahead of your competition.

1. Know Your Target Market

This is marketing 101. If you don’t know who you are targeting with your product and content, then you will not be in business very long. Ask yourself who did you build the product or service for? Am I targeting small business, enterprise, maybe both? Do I target certain job titles and even industries? These are all very important questions your marketing and sales team need to understand.

Once you have established your target market, are you tailoring your content to them? Why should they click or share your social media post. Add value to your audience by helping guide them through the sales funnel. Are they still in the awareness stage? Help by providing articles about what your marketplaces is and the great benefits you can provide. Or are they in the decision stage comparing you with your competitors? Create content for each stage of the cycle to entice them to purchase or join your marketplace.

2. Direct Traffic To Your Website

No matter what content you are creating and publishing, at the end of the day you want to direct traffic to your website. All your social media accounts should be properly optimized with links to your homepage to drive traffic that direction. Ensure all your employees also have their current workplace updated as that can also serve as links to your website. The more links you have across the web on reputable sites, the more trustworthy you become on search engines.

Getting people to your website is the easy part. The bigger task at hand is getting people to stay longer than 5 seconds on your website. What is enticing them to look around, check out your blog, watch your demo videos, or even just read your homepage? This is where having the right content becomes vital. On your homepage, there needs to be free content such as white papers or an ebook for your visitors to download in exchange for an email address along with name. It’s a win-win right? Your visitors leave with fresh new content and you help build your email list.

3. Optimized Landing Page

After you have captured an email in exchange for the download, ensure you have an optimized landing page that redirects them accordingly. If they downloaded your ebook, have a separate landing page for those visitors or if they downloaded your white papers, then you will have to create a page accordingly. Thank your visitors for completing the fields and providing their information to show you appreciate them. In this landing page, it is essential to have a short thank you message, a time table in which you will contact them, and additional resources related to their download. The longer they spend looking around on your website, the higher the chances are you help guide them through the sales funnel. Now that is if they are truly spending the time to navigate, not just sitting and waiting for your website to load.

Ensure all your landing pages and website is properly optimized to keep the wait time down between page changes or refreshes. It is essential to have a fast loading site as the more someone waits, the more frustrated and impatient they become. The minute you get a frustrated visitors looking to navigate your site, you have already lost a customer. Work closely with your engineers and developers to avoid any issues on the front end.

4. Turn Leads Into Clients

Your marketplace will get hundreds if not thousands of leads a month (depending on the size of your marketplace). If you understand business, then you know not everyone will become a client. While that would be great, it’s not realistic. The conversion rate for customers will vary depending on your marketplace and will be set among your team leaders.

So how can you help turn leads in clients? Nurture them. Have your sales team keep in contact with them as they move down the sales funnel. Don’t be that company that just keeps hassling you about buying their product or service. Genuinely establish a relationship with each of your leads to stay on their good side. What may not be a good fit at the moment may change 6 or 12 months from now.

These 4 tips are definitely not the only but a great place to start. As you continue to build supply and demand for your marketplace, understand it is a long process. The average business does not become successful until the 3rd or 4th year. So take your time, build relationships with your leads rather than go for the short sales.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send us a tweet @MrktPlacePfm!