4 Steps To Creating A Blog For Your Marketplace

Information is the most valuable form of currency in the sharing economy. With such a new school of thought, business owners and consumers alike are constantly seeking knowledge. That’s where you can come in! Fill the void by providing the content people are looking for. If you consider yourself an expert in your industry, start a blog to share content and increase marketplace leads. Here’s how:

Choose Engaging Topics

Being in your respective industry gives you a unique perspective on how your industry runs. Events that may have occurred while building up suppliers may have given you experience and insights that other people may want to know. Don’t underestimate the work you’ve put in and the connections you’ve made. Your experiences are valuable and helpful to many!

Don’t forget to put your shoes in the soles of another’s. Brainstorm about what your potential leads may want to know. What issues will they come across and what are some tips you can offer? The possibilities for topics can be anything relevant! One note is that while you can create content that’s very specific you also want to diversify it with some more general topics to cast a wider net to a larger market.

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Use an Appropriate Tone

This can differ depending on the industry you’re writing in but in general a conversational tone is the safest bet. Nothing can be more unappealing than a dry article that uses only technical terms and comes off robotic. Something casual like reading a letter from a friend giving you advice is great! It keeps the readers reading and engaged. Offer personal examples or stories you’ve heard through your time in the field. Coming off too professional doesn’t really give the reader the sense that you’re letting them into the real behind-the-scenes experience, and that’s what they want to know!

Don’t be afraid to throw in a joke here and there. A little comic relief is shown to extend the attention span of consumers. Coming off too professional doesn’t really give the reader the sense that you’re letting them into the real behind-the-scenes experience, and that’s what they want to know!

Template, Template, Template!

The aesthetics of your blog should coincide with the overall personality if your marketplace. If you’re a modern company, choose sleek lines and clean fonts. For a marketplace for gardeners, lush green trims and natural pictures will most likely be right for you. This is where you can really have fun with your blog. You can either go through a blog content management system like WordPress or build your own blog and website. Many platform providers also have a blog feature so you can build your website and content blog simultaneously.

Some tips to begin would be choosing a provider whether it’s WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc… They all have great options for you to customize, of course each has their own strong suit and benefits. Try taking your own pictures to make your blog look unique. Other details to decide on are fonts, pages, and mobile access.

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Your readers can be looking for a slew of different topics. Creating categories can help organize your content and make it easier for a curious reader to navigate. These can be broken down into many different types but it really depends on your marketplace. 

Consider having guest blogs that feature leaders in your industry. It’s good to share the works of others while building a stronger internal network. Other categories that are trending now are stories broken down into several parts or hot topics like AI or VR for example if you’re in tech. A “What’s New?” category showcase the fact that you and your team are keeping up with new products, theories and techniques in your field!

These are some of our quick tips to creating a blog for your marketplace. With engaging content and an easy to navigate through blog the leads will be knocking on your door! Good Luck!

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