4 Steps To Becoming A Better Marketplace Seller

Online marketplaces have opened the door to many aspiring entrepreneurs to express their creativity or make some extra cash in thousands of different ways. You know which world you want to go into but once inside, how do you make yourself stand out from the sea of vendors offering a similar product or service? We’ve got a few steps to help you outshine the rest

1. Good Customer Service

This tip may be beating a dead horse but you can never underestimate the value of a positive interaction with a customer. Perhaps they have been to another vendor who is having a bad day and told them off. You’ve got the upper hand of sharing your knowledge and experience in a delightful way that will bring a happy customer back to you.

Some rules of thumb would be to always respond within the first 24 hours of a customer review, comment, or concern. The sooner the better! Your customer will appreciate the efficiency and time you took to listen to their remarks. Also offer a solution if it’s a complaint, maintaining a healthy relationship can result in that customer bringing in their friends for your service.

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2. Watch Your Competitors

In any form of business you must know who you are competing against. First, you’re all working in the same industry and making friends. Learning their tips and tricks can help you run your marketplace more smoothly. Many top dogs in all sorts of fields often support each other since they are the ones who truly understand what being in your line of work feels like.

Understanding your competitor’s strengths can help you build a stronger marketplace, it takes a little reflection to see how your marketplace can grow. You may also discover trends that customers tend to do so you can plan your next marketing campaign. You know what makes your product or service unique, make sure you let your customers and visitors know!

3. Use Social Media

This is a big one! Having an active social media account on multiple platforms can expand your growth more than you know. Share your work on Instagram in quick snapshots or with many of the newer features it offers. Boomerang is a four second video that goes back and forth on a shot (many people find very creative ways to use it). On Facebook and Instagram you have the livestream option so you can essentially Facetime your viewers and get real time reactions to maybe a project you’re working on and a behind the scenes look at things. Twitter is a great way to interact with many followers and stay on trend with the news.

Other social media platforms you can consider are LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+. It all depends on what you are offering! Most platforms even offer analytics for you to see what your follower’s demographics are. You can know who you’re appealing to which can help you finetune your marketing efforts.

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4. Product Presentation

How you present your product or service may be one of the most important decisions you make for yourself. A customer will spend a split second scrolling through their options and if your’s doesn’t stand out then tough luck.

To make your goods rise above the rest the first thing you’ll want to do is take good pictures. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a thousand dollar camera and studio lighting. What’s important is consistent lighting, which you can get for free when the sun is out and hitting your products at the right angle. Speaking of angles, that’s important as well! Make sure you’re taking photos from multiple angles to show your viewers what your product looks like from the front, back side, up, depending on what you’re selling. One last thing to add is a product description. Use adjectives and textures and timing. Speaking on the care you put into your products, don’t forget dimensions whether you’re working with a vase or a house, it’s essential.

With these four simple tips, we hope you are more motivated to go out and take some pictures! You can always go on multiple marketplaces to offer your goods or services, don’t limit yourself to just one. Share your unique work and best of luck!

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