4 Content Marketing Tips For Your Marketplace

Content Marketing has become a very powerful tool for marketplaces and quite frankly any type of business. Consumers are using the internet to their advantage by conducting research and spending the time before making a purchase. With a simple Google search, you are able to find exactly what you are looking for and able to compare on multiple sites. How exactly do you attract or entice customers to purchase from you? The answer has become content marketing.

According to Curata, “Forty-seven percent of B2B buyers consume three to five piece of content prior to engaging with a salesperson.” Do you currently have a content marketing strategy in place? Consumers are making smarter decisions and it’s time for your marketplace to do so as well. It’s never too late to turn it around and get started.

Here are 4 content marketing tips we have learned through our journey as we developed our strategy.

1. Create A Buyer Persona

This is the ESSENTIAL step to your content marketing strategy. Without this, you will simply be lost. First off, let’s define the term. A buyer persona is essential a representation of your ideal customer. Sounds simple enough right? Surprisingly 44 percent of marketers do not have a documented strategy in place. That number is astonishing to think about. What are the 44 percent of people doing with their marketing strategy? What direction are they taking? Don’t follow in their footsteps but rather be part of the 56 percent who do.

So what does it take to create a buyer persona? The best place to start is to look at your business plan. What product or service did you create? Who did you create it for and why? These simple questions should all be covered in your plans. While it may not go into full detail, it’s important you do understand what your ideal customer would look like. Take the following into consideration:

  • Behavior patterns– What are your potential customers are doing? Are you tracking what they are doing on your website and what pages they are visiting? Where are they most likely to be on the web? Take a look at forums, social media, and other ways to gather the proper data.
  • Motivations- Why are they looking to join or purchase from your marketplace, to begin with? Is it a referral from a friend, did they click on your Google Ad, or are they simply in the market to make a purchase? These are things to strongly consider to help guide them down the sales funnel and ultimately close the deal.
  • Demographics- Who and what type of people are you expecting to make a purchase? Is it a 45-year-old male, Founder of a startup in Silicon Valley, loves computer software, with a wife and 2 kids? While this may sound very specific, this can help you dial down your target market. The more you know, the better off you will be.  

2. Make It Relatable

This is a tough task as people are always on the go and rushing to get things done. If people are not able to find what they are looking for within a few seconds of scrolling your website, they will move on to the next one. As tough as that sounds, it’s the truth. Your task as a content marketer is to make your content relevant and relatable. Bring your company’s voice to the table and connect with your audience on an emotional level. Create lively content that will keep them engaged rather than you just blabbing on with your writing. Jump on social media and share funny posts you come across. Memes have become a very popular thing and doesn’t hurt to jump in on the action.

3. Offer An Incentive

Why should someone use or join your marketplace? If they are not gaining any benefits, more than likely will leave. Whether it’s finding the product they are looking for or came across your site due to a promotional ad posted. The biggest thing you need to think about is, “What’s in it for the customer?”. Offer an incentive over your competitors to make doing business with your marketplace an easier decision. Whether it’s offering $10 off when signing up or free shipping on all items. These little details can make all the difference to win over your customers.

When it comes to your site, are you giving away eBooks or white papers? Be sure to write relevant and educational content for your audience to put on your homepage. Who doesn’t love free stuff? No risk for customers as they simply exchange an email address for educational content and your marketplace continues to build their email lists. It’s a win-win for both parties.

4. Engage With Your Audience

How are you engaging with your audience? Or the better question is, ARE you engaging with your audience? This is critical to the success of your marketing strategy and more importantly your marketplace. Don’t be afraid to say the wrong things on social media. Your accounts are a reflection of your company culture and what it has to offer. Be sure personalize and share random things. Often times, these are the best posts to share as people get tired of being too serious. Social media is a great way to connect on a more personal level with your audience and get to know specific people. It can be current customers, clients, or potential buyers. Whatever the case may be, you must ENGAGE!

“64% of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social media strategy.”Invesp.com

How will you develop an effective strategy if you aren’t engaging? Make it a habit to check your social media accounts on a daily basis or better yet, hire a social media manager. They will be able to monitor and respond to your audience in a timely manner. This will significantly boost your engagement rates and build a better reputation in your space.

Now that you have learned these 4 tips to help your content marketing strategy, will you be making any changes? What challenges have you faced with content marketing? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @MrktPlacePfm! We’d love to work together.