3 Growth Hacking Tips For Your Marketplace

The building, setup, and launch have already been completed for your marketplace, what’s your next step? Well, it’s probably to fill in that virtual store of yours. You’ve got your products all lined up in perfect rows with your customer service and sales team on standby ready to share work you’ve been slaving over. How do we get your customers into this figurative room? We have three ways to hack the growth of your marketplace.

1. Start Local

Spreading a thousand customers throughout the US won’t do much but concentrating on a thousand users in a specific location can give you the results you’re after. Take Tinder for example. The popular mobile dating app expanded exponentially from just a group of USC students. This was done through hosting exclusive fraternity parties and inviting singles to download the app. Next thing you know it reached hundreds of campus residents and has quickly spread throughout the world.

This concept of going local can apply to any field or industry. Cyclists for example may not have the convenience of living on a campus but there are marathons and meeting grounds that people gather in. You start in clusters of highly concentrated areas and you’re halfway there!

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2. (Legal) Poaching

A great but time consuming tip is a little bit of legal poaching. Think of it as showing your target customer a more convenient option for their needs and just happen to be providing it! You can go to places or visit sites that have an overlapping audience to yours, and share your content or promote your business. Airbnb first began their journey to success by finding renters on Craigslist. This tactic can be very effective if you want to put the time and energy into it.

3. Hit Them With Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding logos and testimonials from real customers is an easy and cheap way to increase your customer base. If you have some big ticket clients, share it! As shallow as it may be, name dropping is effective and helps spread the word of your company even quicker. By the same token, seeing regular people raving about your marketplace definitely gives you a boost in reliability. The combination of these on your website will make your visitors stay longer and consider further usage.

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While there are many other ways to hack the growth of your marketplace, these three are different and effective enough that you can conduct all of them simultaneously. Got any good hacks yourself? Let us know! Best of luck!

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